Network Balancing Act: A High-performance packet processing framework for heterogeneous processors
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NBA (Network Balancing Act)

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"A High-performance packet processing framework for heterogeneous processors" (EuroSys 2015 paper)

Notice for paper readers

  • The IDS source code is not available to the public, as it contains a derivation from industry-transferred code from Kargus.
  • We used Intel DPDK v1.7 for the EuroSys 2015 paper, but have now upgraded to v16.04+.

Main Features

  • 80-Gbps packet processing with a modular programming interface similar to Click.
  • GPU and Xeon Phi offloading to boost complex computations such as IPsec encryption
  • Adaptive load balancing for CPU/accelerator to maximize the system throughput


See the documentation online.