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Fork of LIDAR/camera calibration by Gaurav Pandey, see
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  Gaurav Pandey.

  Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with 
  or without modification, are permitted under the GNU
  Lesses General Public License (see LICENSE)

  Andreas L. Flaten

  This is a reference implementation of mutual information 
  (MI) based algorithm for automatic extrinsic calibration 
  of a 3D laser scanner and optical camera system. You can 
  find specific details in the original paper:
  "Automatic Targetless Extrinsic Calibration of a 3D Lidar 
  and Camera by Maximizing Mutual Information." in AAAI, 
  special track on robotics, July 2012, Toronto, Canada.

  This version is implemented with the help of some external 
  1) GSL          :
  2) OpenCV 2.3.1 :
                    (Lower versions of opencv might not work)
  3) Glib         :  
  4) CMake        :

  1. Go to build/ and run "cmake ../". It will generate the 
     required make files.
  2. Run "make". It will generate the binary "mi-extrinsic-calib"
     in the directory bin/

  1. Go to config/ and update the default config file (if needed). 
     The config file contains all the inputs required by the algorithm.
     This config file contains intrinsic parameters of a laser scanner
     and an omnidirectional camera used for developing this algorithm. 
     Sample data from this laser scanner and the omnidirectional camera
     is provided in bin/data/.   
  2. Go to bin/ and run "./mi-extrinsic-calib". If you do not
     provide any argument then it will use the default config
     file "config/master.cfg" that corresponds to a Ladybug3 omni-
     directional camera. A sample config file for a monocular camera 
     setup is given as "config/monocular-cam.cfg"
  3. At the end of the program two output files are created in bin/.
     "calib_param.txt" stores the estimated calibration parameters.
     "calib_cov.txt" stores the estimated 6x6 covariance matrix.
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