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An operational semantics for the C/C++11 memory model. Build Status


To run or compile the project for the first time you need to run

make link

It downloads and installs dependencies (racket-pretty-printing-combinators and graph libraries), compiles and installs the project. Futher you need to run

make setup

or just make to recompile it. The project needs a version of Racket >= 6.4.

How to write and execute own examples

You need to define a term. For this purpose you should write

(define myTerm

Consider the following term:

@prog{x_rel := 0;
      y_rel := 0;
      {{{ x_rel := 1;
          r1 := y_acq;
          ret r1
      ||| y_rel := 1;
          r2 := x_acq;
          ret r2 }}} }

More or less, it corresponds to the following program in cppmem (\cite{Batty-al:POPL11}) syntax:

atomic_int x, y;
int r1, r2;, mo_release);, mo_release);
{{{ {, mo_release);
      r1 = y.load (mo_acquire); }
||| {, mo_release);
      r2 = x.load (mo_acquire); }

Or in \cite{Vafeiadis-Narayan:OOPSLA13} syntax:

    let x = alloc() in
    let y = alloc() in
       [x]_rel = 0;
       [y]_rel = 0;
[x]_rel = 1 || [y]_rel = 1
    [y]_acq ||     [x]_acq

In our language there are two types of identifiers, which can be used at the left hand side of an assignment --- locations and \valueName. \valueName identifiers start with r symbol, location identifiers don't start with r. One doesn't need to declare locations, the first write to a variable with appropriate name creates a location in the program state.

Spawn construction represents starting two subthreads command.

spw {{{ THREAD_0_BODY
    ||| THREAD_1_BODY

In the runtime subthreads are represented by par construction:

par {{{ THREAD_0_BODY
    ||| THREAD_1_BODY

More examples you can find in test/testTerms.rkt.

Structure of the project:

  • core/

    • The language family syntax description (syntax.rkt).
    • Syntax related reduction rules (coreLang.rkt).
    • Concrete languages definitions (langs.rkt).
    • The language state pretty printer (pp.rkt).
    • Language related utility functions (coreUtils.rkt, syntax.rkt).
    • Graph state representation related utility functions (graphUtils.rkt).
  • rules/

    Sets of different sublanguage rules.

  • test/

    Test terms and tests for different sublanguages and rules combinations.


An operational semantics for C11.






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