Python file management utility. This application is CUI filer of the keyboard operation for Linux.
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pyful - Python File Management Utility

pyful is CUI filer of the keyboard operation for Linux. This application operates at the terminal emulator such as xterm.

For more information, see


  • Flexible and powerful customizing by Python;
  • File view of multi screen;
  • Interactive command line;
  • Command line completion function like zsh;
  • High-level file management.


pyful is installed by executing the following command:

$ git clone git://
$ cd pyful
$ sudo python install -f
$ pyful


pyful configuration has edit of ~/.pyful/

Configuration file is created to ~/.pyful/ by following command with --create-config option.

$ pyful --create-config

For edit of, see


The operation of pyful is confirmed by Python2.7 and Python3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10.

To display multi byte character including Japanese, libncursesw library might become necessary.

In addition, pyful operates in the assumption that encoding is utf-8. Therefore, normal operation cannot be expected in the environment that uses encoding that is not utf-8.