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Cli options

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Lumo is more than just a REPL, the -h option lists all the available options:

  $ lumo -h
  Lumo 1.8.0-beta
  Usage:  lumo [init-opt*] [main-opt] [arg*]

    With no options or args, runs an interactive Read-Eval-Print Loop

    init options:
      -i, --init path              Load a file or resource
      -e, --eval string            Evaluate expressions in string; print
                                   non-nil values
      -c cp, --classpath cp        Use colon-delimited cp (semi-colon-delimited on
                                   Windows) for source directories and JARs
      -D dep, --dependencies dep   Use comma-separated list of dependencies to
                                   look for in the local Maven repository.
                                   Dependencies should be specified in the form
                                   `SYM:VERSION` (e.g.: foo/bar:1.2.3).
      -L path, --local-repo path   Path to the local Maven repository where Lumo
                                   will look for dependencies. Defaults to
      -K, --auto-cache             Create and use .lumo_cache dir for cache
      -k, --cache path             If dir exists at path, use it for cache
      -q, --quiet                  Quiet mode; doesn't print the banner
      -v, --verbose                Emit verbose diagnostic output
      -d, --dumb-terminal          Disable line editing / VT100 terminal
      -s, --static-fns             Generate static dispatch function calls
      -f, --fn-invoke-direct       Do not not generate `.call(null...)` calls
                                   for unknown functions, but instead direct
                                   invokes via `f(a0,a1...)`.
      -A x, --checked-arrays x     Enables checked arrays where x is either warn
                                   or error.
      -n opts, --socket-repl x     Enable a socket REPL where x is port, IP:port
                                   or JSON of the following form, where port is
                                   {"host":   "localhost",
                                    "port":   12345,
                                    "accept": "some.namespaced.clojure/fn",
                                    "args":   ["args", {"for": "the accept fn"}]}

    main options:
      -m ns-name, --main=ns-name   Call the -main function from a namespace
                                   with args
      -r, --repl                   Run a repl
      path                         Run a script from a file or resource
      -                            Run a script from standard input
      -h, -?, --help               Print this help message and exit
      -l, --legal                  Show legal info (licenses and copyrights)

    The init options may be repeated and mixed freely, but must appear before
    any main option.

    Paths may be absolute or relative in the filesystem.
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