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Npm is the Node Package Manager, the standard way to install packages for Node.js. Lumo is packaged for NPM as lumo-cljs.

  $ npm install -g lumo-cljs

If you get a permission failure, try this:

  $ npm install -g lumo-cljs --unsafe-perm


The installed binary will be named lumo rather than lumo-cljs.

Homebrew (macOS)

Homebrew is a widely used package manager for macOS.

  $ brew install lumo

The above installs the latest stable version of Lumo. If you want to install a binary built from master, try:

  $ brew install --HEAD lumo

Your own your own with a master install: there's no guarantee that master is stable, or even working!


Lumo can also be run inside a Docker container, using the lumo image:

  $ docker pull anmonteiro/lumo:latest
  $ docker run -it anmonteiro/lumo


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Move it to somewhere in your $PATH.



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