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SCUBER is a dive log app build for WDI Full Stack project
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SCUBER is a dive logging tool, intended to give divers the ability to record their dives and view their dive history.

This is the repository for the front end of the application.

Technologies used

Handlebars, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and the various configuration packages and linters available to me through the template.

I also imported fonts from google fonts

Planning and Process

My original vision (as will be visible in the ERDs and wireframes) had a lot more bells an whistles, including: A separate Locations table, which would contain the coordinates and characteristics of each dive location A google map feature that would plot those coordinates on the map The ability for a user to add a location to the locations table The ability for the user to view other people's reviews of dive Locations A stats view using Charts.js

Based on what I learned last time, and on the advice I got from our wonderful instructors, I re-evaluated the plan so that my MVP was met first, which it has been: the ability to log dives, view dives, edit dives, and delete dives. I was disapointed not to get to include the bells and whistles, but hope to at least go back and add the Locations table so that I can practice building the many-to-many relationship.

Issues I would like to fix

There are a few glitches that I would like to solve, most noteably that the view of the list of dives is supposed to refresh when someone has added a new entry or deleted an existing dive. The order of operations seems to be messing things up because the refresh always shows the previous new item, not the current one.


User stories

As a user I want to be able to create an account As a user I want to be able to log in As a user I want to be able to see my dive history As a user I want to be able to enter new dives As a user I want to be able to edit existing dives As a user I want to be able to delete dives

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