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##HackTheMarine Project Repo

Hack Pad http://bit.ly/hackthemarinenotes

If you add to repo, please create a folder for your project. Add a short description in this main READ.ME. Details of each project can then be logged on individual project **READ.ME**s.

P1 Habitat_Type_Maps

Participants: Anna Krystalli, Jason Griffiths, Paul Richards


The MMO want to know the spatial distribution of habitats around the UK coastline. They have some information but missing much. They do however have a variety of more widely distributed spatial data on species and environmental parameter. We aim to use these to predict the unknown habitats in regions around the UK coastline. We will use a machine learning species distribution modelling approach (random forest) which will allow us to say how certain we are about the predictions we make about habitat classification. We then want to build a shiny up to visualise and interact with predicted probabilistic maps of habitat type distribution.