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Collaboration through Github and Rstudio

Saturday, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Open Science, Floor 9 - 903

@annakrystalli | @MeMohanty

Welcome to our #Mozfest2016 session! 🎉

This practical session is designed for R users and aims to set beginners in version control up with some basic skills in using github through Rstudio to manage projects and collaborate online.

Session Roadmap

1. Introductions

- get to know the audience (10 mis)
  • Shout outs and twitter polls.
- get to know github (25 mins)
  • github as a computational research tool

2. Get stuck in

- Version control with github and rstudio (40 mins)

  • In this session, we are going to get you started with using version control from within RStudio.

  • The material is self-paced and includes a worked-example. It is suggested that you work through the sections in order.

- Collaborative github through rstudio #EvoLottery (40 mins)

  • Beak and skull shapes in birds of prey (“raptors”) are strongly coupled and largely controlled by size.

  • In this exercise, each participant will fork a github repo, and contribute a file required to simulate the evolutionary trajectory of an imaginary species' body size.

  • We'll collate all species files and plot them all up together at the end!

  • We'll also discover the skull and beak shapes associated with each simulated species size.

Want to participate remotely? You can! 👍

Follow the links to the materials for each section. All steps required are detailed.

Contribute to the collaborative #EvoLottery activity! 2.00 -3.00 pm

Chat to us on our gitter channel if you get stuck or just say hello! Tweet and Follow #EvoLottery


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