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Repo with basic data visualisations based on Om and JavaScript libraries that I used as demo at EuroClojure 2014. Will probably add more examples as needed - it's becoming more of a collection of useful "stuff" :)

  • Chart-http: dimple.js + core.async + Om + compojure + liberator

  • lastfm-chart: dimple.js + API + core.async

    It requires API key. Copy your key to:


    like this:

    {:api-key "65yrtgbdfbd4656457foo")

    API key can be obtained here:

  • Simple-map: leaflet.js + core.async + Om

  • Draggable-widget: Simple component that wraps other components to make them draggable. Uses core.async.

Build with:

lein cljsbuild once <build-id>

Run ring server (required for chart-http):

lein ring server-headless

To see examples in action, open examples/<id>/index.html in a browser of your choice.