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Grinnell Plans


  1. Install git.

  2. Install ruby & rails.

  3. bundler will manage the gems for the project

    gem install bundler


    sudo gem install bundler
  4. Checkout the project

    git clone
    cd GrinnellPlans
  5. Install the gems that are specified in Gemfile

    bundle install
  6. Create the database (specified in database yml) and seed it with data

    rake db:setup (can also be done with 'bundle exec rake db:schema:load')

Rails Project Tasks

  • Start the server (GrinnellPlans will be at localhost:3000):

    rails server
  • Run the tests:

    bundle exec rake spec
  • To use the Rails console (for debugging, playing with data, etc):

    rails console

Other Helpful Tasks

  • To generate diagrams (in doc/):

    rake diagram:all

    diagrams are also generated after rake db:migrate.

  • To annotate models (that is, to add the column info to the models as comments):

  • To pretty up the display of data when you're using the console:

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