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Project for Front-End Nanodegree Program by Udacity
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Arcade Game Project

Arcade Game is project for Front-End Nanodegree Program by Udacity

How to run game?

  1. Clone game to your local machine
$ git clone
  1. Open index.html in your browser and start playing.

Live preview

You can also play online by clicking link below.

How to play game?

The purpose of the game is to cross road and avoid bugs or you loose a live. You can collect gems and gain extra points. Rocks don't let you to go through, you have to go around them. Orange gem gives 100 points, green gem - 50 points and blue gem 25 points. Sometimes you can collect also extra lives. When you cross road successfully, you earn 100 points and gain next level. Try to cross road as many times as possible. The game ends when you loose all lives.

Click "Settings" icon to change character avatar. The character can be moved using keyboard:

Key Description
↑ Arrow Up Move up
↓ Arrow Down Move down
← Arrow Left Move left
→ Arrow Right Move right



As this project is part of Front-End Nanodegree Program no contribution will be accepted.

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