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Lending Tracking Book App created in React and using Books API
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My Reads App

Project Overview

MyReads project i part of Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Program by Udacity. This app allows you to select and categorize books you have read, are currently reading, or want to read. The project emphasizes using React to build the application and provides an API server and client library that you will use to persist information as you interact with the application.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

How to run project?

Run on local machine

  1. Clone repository to local machine using
$ git clone
  1. Install all dependencies
$ npm install
  1. Run application
$ npm start

visit the site: http://localhost:5003 You can change port by editing package.json file. In line 16 "start": " set PORT=5003 && react-scripts start", change port number 5003 to any other.Save file.

Live preview



As this project is part of Front-End Nanodegree Program no contribution will be accepted.

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