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Creating adventures using data access

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Episode 5 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Creating adventures using data access

Panda Assignment

  1. The pages need a Preview. Add a preview to the page. For example, "Go into the Forest", which is your choice when selecting A or B.
  2. Edit the content so it's very clear if I'm a winner (I get 30 gold!) or a loser (Eaten by sharks!? bummer!)

Tiger Assignment

  1. Extract the Page.creates out into a db/seed.rb file and load it
  2. Create a two step workflow. This has an intro page with two selections, each of which lead to a conclusion

Eagle Assignment

  1. Refactor so that the page doesn't have a parent -- instead it stores the id's of its options (option_a_id, option_b_id)
  2. Cross the paths so that there is a common page that you'll reach in the 3rd tier


Copyright Jesse Wolgamott 2012, MIT License. See LICENSE

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