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This project is the Rackspace/OpenStack customization of the Docbkx plugin for creating documentation artifacts for Rackspace, OpenStack, and other OpenStack projects.

Example output

Rackspace output:

OpenStack output:

OpenStack source files:

How Tos

Release Notes

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.9.2 (August 19, 2013)

  • Bug fixes: - Improve presentation of informaltables and CALS tables generally. - Format <replaceable> as italic inside screen, programlisting, and literallayout.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.9.1 (August 15, 2013)

  • Support language="ini" for syntax highlighting on code listings.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.9.0 (August 13, 2013)

  • Added support for olinks and the olink-maven-plugin. - By default, the olink database is assumed to be in target/olink.db. - olinks to the same document are converted to xrefs. - Currently, olinks are never hot.
  • Change the presentation of dates in pdf and webhelp so that the full month name is used.
  • Add param style and type to tables in apiref page.
  • It is now possible to filter wadl content using the security attribute. Note that in the wadl the security attribute must be in the DocBook namespace. For example declare xmlns:db="" on the root element and then put the db:security on any element (for example, a method).
  • You can now add role="hidden" on the rax:metadata element to cause the document not to appear on the landing page.
  • Add support for Japanese fonts in pdfs.
  • Bug Fixes: - Be consistent about wrapping wadl:doc contents in paras even if it contains inline markup. - Support book/info/title when generating atom.xml.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.8.0

  • Improvements to the api reference output: floating toc and anchors for each heading.
  • Support support for additional DocBook params: pageWidth, pageHeight, doubleSided, and omitCover so OpenStack can use it for their ops guide.
  • Improve formatting of tables by adding rules="all" if not there already.
  • Fixed formatting of variablelists in html output
  • Depend on latest version of wadl-tools

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.7.2

  • Support building docs on Windows.
  • Depend on latest version of wadl-tools, 1.0.12
  • Bug fixes:
    • When producing documentation from WADL, do not list 3xx responses as error codes.
    • Do build-time search-and-replace AFTER resolving wadls so search-and-replace works on wadl-genereated content.
    • Left-align table titles for html tables

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.7.1 (February 19, 2013)

  • Support pdfFilenameBase parameter. Use this parameter to provide an alternative name for the pdf automatically generated when producing webhelp output. By default the base name of the pdf is the base name of the input xml file.
  • Support webhelpDirname parameter. Use this parameter to provide an alternative name for the generated webhelp directory. By default the name of the webhelp output directory is the base name of the input xml file.
  • Support targetDirectory parameter. Use this parameter to control where the output lands (i.e. instead of target/docbkx/webhelp).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Only include Google Analytics and social icons if security = external.
    • Set section.label.includes.component.label to one only if section.autolabel=1.
    • Fixed bug where auto-image copy failed if there was a trailing space in the value of the fileref attribute.
    • Fixed bug where linefeeds within a glossterm prevented autoglossary from matching term with basename.
    • Removed IE=7 meta tag from webhelp because it was causing Disqus not to work.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.7.0 (January 13, 2013)

  • Support publicationNotificationEmails parameter. A comma-delimited list of email addresses to which emails are sent when the document is publised.
  • Support includeDateInPdfFilename parameter. Set this paremeter to 0 to prevent the date from being appended to the pdf file name.
  • Autofill pubdate with current date if it is empty.
  • When a file is invalid, put a copy of the validated file in target dir named something like: basefilename.xml-invalid-date.xml
  • Use latest version of wadl-tools
  • Bug fixes:
    • Make it possible to pass in statusBarText from pom or command line.
    • Reduce padding between admon title and first para in webhelp output.
    • Omit pubdate from pdf file name when branding is openstack.
    • Don't keep param tables together in wadl2docbook generated xml to avoid having long tables be mutilated.
    • Fix bug where PdfBuilder uses wrong source file for cover info.
    • Avoid "The value of param must be a valid Java Object" errors.
    • Support sectionLabelIncludesComponentLabel in autopdf.
    • Pass in fully qualified path to webhelp output dir to bookinfo.xsl so that it will put bookinfo.xml and in the correct place even if you do "mvn -f path/to/pom.xml".
    • Fix bug where a sequence was used as first arg of substring-after when a response has more than one representation/element.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.6.1 (November 27, 2012)

  • Bug fix release:
    • Fix bug where appendix.autolabel wasn't being passed in to auto-generated pdfs from pom.
    • Fix bug where xslts weren't found in the target directory when building doc from a parent pom.
    • Fix problem where wadls weren't found if referred to as href="filename.wadl". Must be href="./filename.wadl". Have xsl prepend ./ when needed.
    • Wadl processing: Avoid "7th argument of concat cannot be a sequence" error which happens when you have a response with multiple representation/@element nodes.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.6.0 (November 10, 2012)

  • Automatically handle images:
    • Detects if images are missing from a document and fail if an image is missing. You can turn off this validation by setting <strictImageValidation>false</strictImageValidation> in your pom.xml.
    • For Webhelp output, automatically converts .svg to .png.
    • Automatically copies images to the Webhelp output directory.
  • Automatically build pdf when building webhelp and copy pdf to webhelp directory unless <makePdf>false</makePdf> is set in your pom.xml.
    • Generate pdf file names in the format basename-20121110.pdf where basename is the base pdf name and 20121110 is the taken from /*/info/pubdate in the document. If the pdf is generated with a security value other than external, then put the security value in the pdf file name. For example, basename-internal-20121110.pdf.
    • For Rackspace branding, by default the link to the pdf is changed to basename-latest.pdf to provide a permalink to the latest pdf. Our landing page dynamically redirects to the file name of the current pdf. To avoid this behavior and have the pdf link in webhelp be to the actual pdf, set <useLatestSuffixInPdfUrl>0</useLatestSuffixInPdfUrl>.
  • Provide better error messages if incorrect DocBook version is used (i.e. if DocBook 4.x is used instead of 5.x).
  • Updated Rackspace logo.
  • Move profiling to early in the pipeline. This fixes bugs where content in title and revhistory weren't being profiled.
  • Fix bug where IDREFs weren't validated.
  • Support passing in -Dsecurity=internal|external|reviewer and -Ddraft.status=on|off from the command line.
  • Generate .war file version of webhelp with bookinfo.xml file to support autopublish to landing page. To generate a war you must set webhelp.war. Typically this will be done from the Jenkins job that builds for autopublishing (-Dwebhelp.war=1).
  • It is no longer necessary to add ids to every <resource> in a wadl to use the point-to-wadl method of including content from a wadl.
  • Validation changes:
    • Documents are now validated twice. Post xinclude, the documents are validated without checking IDREF integrity. Documents are validated again after wadl inclusion. At this time IDREFs are checked.
    • When a validation error is detected, a copy of the invalid document is now stored in the /tmp directory with a name like /tmp/invalid-2012-10-14T11:21:14.913-05:00.xml
  • Generate war version of Webhelp output when webhelp.war=1.
  • Added support for a Repose branding (see
  • Bugfix: In PDF output, quote chapter names instead of italicizing them.
  • Bugfix: IDREFs are validated now during the build.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.5.0 (November 6, 2012)

  • Improve the way Google Analytics is called.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.5.0 (August 14, 2012)

  • Support build-time search and replace via a configuration file. To use add a parameter like the following to your pom.xml: <replacementsFile>replacements.config</replacementsFile> Where replacements.config is a file in the same directory as your pom.xml. See the example replacements.config file for documentation on how to use it.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.4.0 (August 13, 2012)

  • Chinese fonts now supported in pdf output.
  • WADL2DocBook: Fixed bug where query params were copied down the WADL tree.
  • Removed reference to js file which was not loading causing pages not to load. Unfortunately, this disables all social icons for now.
  • Added support for a secondaryCoverLogoPath param that allows the user to specify a second logo that appears on the bottom left of the pdf.
  • Fixed bug where cross-references were not resolved correctly in the revision history table.
  • Fixed bug where parameters were omitted in some cases.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.3.1 (May 30, 2012)

New features and changes

  • You can now control the size of the status bar text: <?rax"50px""LIMITED AVAILABILITY"?>. The default size of the text is about 71.3px, so if you need it smaller go from there. 50px should work for "LIMITED AVAILABILITY".
  • When generating DocBook from wadl, if you spin as <security>writeronly</security>, at the top of each generated section it shows what wadl the method came from and what the method id is.
  • You no longer need to pre-normalize wadls when using wadl2docbook.
  • Added css rules to hide sidebar automatically when printing web page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in extensions doc mechanism where wadl urls weren't picked up from info/extensions metadata.
  • Fixed bug where syntax highlighter padded spaces with &nbsp;s which would break XML when cut and pasted since nbsp isn't interpreted as a space character.
  • Enabled automatic glossary generation for pdfs.
  • Fixed the generation of ids on generated wrapper sections in wadl2docbook.
  • In certain cases, code listings with callouts had extra line breaks added.
  • The feature that automatically keeps short code listings together was not working.
  • When you clicked on a link to an anchor within a page, the heading was partially hidden by the banner.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.2.0 (April 26, 2012)

Bug fixes

  • Bug fixes in syntax highlighting:
    • Now support manually inserted <co> style callouts.
    • Now support markup inside programlistings, etc.
    • Added "Select" button to code listing to make it easier to know how to select the code sample.
    • JavaScript files only loaded when used and consolidated into a single file.
    • Adjusted formatting to avoid problems when many callouts appear in one listing.
  • Webhelp
    • Fix bug where searches with quotes return no results.
    • Don't put border around footer table if footer navigation is enabled.
  • Wadl2DocBook: Fix the generation of ids for sections generated from wadl methods.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.1.0 (March 30, 2012)

New features and changes

  • Syntax highlighting and line numbering for code samples for supported languages (bash, xml, json, javascript, json, and others to be added).
    • Use the language attribute on the programlisting, literallyout, and screen to indicate the programming language used in the code sample. Supported languages currently include:
      • bash
      • xml
      • javascript
      • json
      • python
      • java
  • Extensions documents are automatically generated when extensions information is included in the book/info element.
  • The target of the "Legal notices" link is now configurable so that the user can set the legalNoticeUrl parameter in the pom.
  • The socialIcons parameter is now tied to the security parameter so that it is impossible to generate a document that is both internal and contains socialIcons.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where the title in webhelp was incorrect when a doc contained multiple releaseinfo elements.
  • Fixed bug where doc builds failed when using maven 2.
  • Fixed bug where pdfs were missing images in some cases.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.11 (02 February 2012)

New features and changes

  • Automatically keep together short ``programlisting``s.
  • Documents are validated before processing and the build fails if the document is invalid. If you would like to build even with an invalid document, set <failOnValidationError>no</failOnValidationError> in your pom.xml.
  • Add <showXslMessages>true</showXslMessages> to your pom.xml to see useful error messages from Maven.
  • Added generate-html goal to generate API reference page for OpenStack:
  • Support <builtForOpenStack>1</builtForOpenStack> param to add logo on cover of pdf.
  • Support the following params for alternative branding:
    • coverLogoPath: Path, relataive to the pom.xml, for an alternative logo.
    • coverLogoLeft: Distance from the left edge of the page where the logo should be placed (e.g. 4in)
    • coverLogoTop: Distance from the top of the page where the logo should be placed (e.g. 8in)
    • coverUrl: Url to use beneath the logo (e.g.
    • coverColor: Color to for the polygon on the cover that is usually red. RGB hex value (e.g. c42126)

Bug fixes

  • wadl-tools bug fixes:
  • <emphasis role="italics"> (what you get when you click the Italic button in Oxygen) now produces italics in webhelp (it was already doing the right thing in pdf).
  • Adjusted handling of <sidebar> element in pdf and html.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.10 (09 February 2012)

New features and changes

  • Adjusted wadl2docbook processing so that "This operation does not require a request body." messages will appear in the output even if there is a code sample as long as there is no element attribute on the representation with a mediaType of application/xml. Request from Mike Asthalter.
  • The clouddocs plugin now uses the wadl xsls from wadl-tools.
  • New parameter metaRobots adds <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"/> to webhelp. This is so that writers can publish private beta docs on and avoid having them indexed by spiders.
  • Social icons feature now logs clicks to Google Analytics.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where glossary terms containing spaces did not receive working tool tips.
  • Fixed wadl normalizer bug where params weren't appearing in output.
  • Fixed wadl normalizer bug where invalid wadls were produced if the path attribute on a resource begins with a / character.
  • Fixed wadl normalizer bug where extension attributes and elements weren't copied when the wadl was normalized into tree-format.
  • Fixed bug where content flagged as internal in revhistory might escape into atom.xml
  • Fixed bug where certain terms do not appear in search results.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.9 (03 January 2012)

New features and changes

  • Support for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ icons in webhelp. Turn these on with the <socialIcons>1</socialIcons> parameter in your pom.xml.
  • In WADL normalizer, a new switch allows you to omit resource_type elements and links to them ( -r keep, the default, or -r omit in the script or via the xslt parameter resource_types, set to "keep" or "omit", where keep is the default).

Bug fixes

  • Eliminated 'table-layout="auto" not supported' error messages from the Maven plugin.
  • Eliminated spurious "Failed to load image" error messages from the Maven plugin.
  • Changed the vertical alignment of the date column of the revision history table to top.
  • Add background shading to <screen> element.
  • Wadl formatting fixes:
    • Query parameters no longer appear in the URI in the summary tables (to reduce clutter). Only in the actual reference page.
    • Zero-width spaces are inserted programmatically into type names Type column of parameter table to cause them to wrap without a hyphen.
  • Wadl normalizer fixes:
    • Copy _all_ namespace declarations to root element of wadl.
    • Corrected handling of elements when a mixed tree/path formatted wadl is converted to a tree formatted wadl
  • Improved error messages when an incorrect date format is used (e.g. in releaseinfo)
  • No longer show <revhistory> at the top of articles (or when doc is rooted at any other element)
  • Format guibutton, guiicon, guilabel, guimenu, guimenuitem, and guisubmenu as bold.
  • Fixed bug where terms like "key" and "nucleus" were not returned in webhelp search.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.8 (01 December 2011)

New features and changes

  • OpenStack output now has pdf icon and feed icon in header bar.
  • Break the build when the processing instruction <?rax fail?> encountered.
  • Support for shared glossary.

Bug fixes

  • A number of fixes to the generation of API references from wadl files.
  • Added product version number to titles of doc rss feeds.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.7 (02 November 2011)

New features

  • Atom feed from individual documents
  • Support for a new comment system for use with internal comments.
    • To use this system in your pom, set <enableDisqus>intranet</enableDisqus> and <feedbackEmail> to the email address to which you would like notifications sent when a page is commented on.
    • As an alternative to <feedbackEmail> in the pom, you can put <?rax""?> as a child of book in the document.
    • You can also put a comma-delimited list of emails if you want more than one person to be notified.
  • In the wadl normalizer, if you refer to a data type that is an enumeration, it converts it to an xs:string with an <option> element for each enumerated value.
  • Updated oXygen installer and framework to use oXygen 13.1. See the upgrade instructions for your platform.

Bug fixes

  • Use upper-alpha numbering for appendixes and roman numbering for parts in webhelp.
  • Cover title now appears correctly in content build on Windows.
  • Fixed bug where the current section's title always appeared in a tooltip when you moused over any text.
  • Added Bold and Italic buttons/menus to Oxygen
  • Fixed bug where content which scroll up a bit each time you clicked the Search or Contents tabs.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.6 (12 October 2011)

New Features

  • <glossterm> elements with corresponding <glossentry> elements in a glossary are presented as tooltips in webhelp.
  • In webhelp when the toc content is longer than the window and a scroll bar appears, the Contents and Search tab area stays fixed instead of scrolling away.
  • In webhelp improve formatting of calloutlists (removed table borders).
  • wadl2docbook improvements:
    • Support for pulling in all the methods from a <wadl:resource> if the resource in the DocBook document is empty.
    • Support for pulling in an entire wadl with a single element added to the DocBook document.
    • Other miscellaneous fixes.
    • See Generating an API reference from a WADL file for details.
  • New branding value, openstackextension.

Impacts to current projects

  • Projects can have a <glossary> section, which is like a <chapter> or <appendix>. This can have glossary entries that give definitions. When you use the terms in text, you can use the <glossterm> tag on the terms and a popup box will appear when the user rolls over the term in webhelp. See Adding Glossary Popups for details.
  • You can set <branding>openstackextension<branding> in your POM file. When you do, there will be a different page header and cover page. Also, Disqus comments will be stored in the OpenStack forum.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.5 (20 September 2011)

New Features

  • Initial support for wadl2docbook processing which allows you to include wadl or pointers to a wadl in your DocBook file and have the wadl processed into human readable output.
    • To support this, a wadl framework has been added to the Rackspace Oxygen customizations. This framework helps you author wadls, providing interactive error checking and other assistance.
    • Also in Oxygen, the Rackbook schema has been modified to allow wadl markup in DocBook documents.
  • Support for disqus_identifier. (This will be used when the document is deployed. The writers don't have to do anything.)
  • Ability to separate or include Disqus comments for different versions of a document.
  • xml:id required on book, chapter, part, sections
  • Support for formatting <parameter role="template"> as a wadl template parameter (i.e. surrounded by curly braces) in Oxygen and the output formats.
  • The arrow and check mark images are now available in the common images directory.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where webhelp.default.topic was not being used when set in the pom.

Impacts to current projects

  • The xml:id attribute is now required on all book, chapter, section, appendix etc. elements. This ensures that in webhelp output we will have stable urls.

    • If you want to build your document and ignore this requirement, you must turn off Disqus. Set the enabledisqus variable to 0 like this:

  • If you want Disqus to use a different thread for different versions of your document, use this setting in your POM:

  • Support for parameter that controls whether the url or a unique disqus id is used to associate comments with content. If you set <useDisqusId>0</useDisqusId>, then it omits using the Disqus identifier. It turns out that this feature was unnecessary since comments that were associated via url are still associated with the document after adding the Disqus identifier.

clouddocs-maven-plugin 1.0.4 (09 June 2011)

New features and changes

  • Experimental support for using Disqus for internal comments if <enableDisqus>intranet</enableDisqus> is set.
  • Add Rackspace branding to Webhelp output
  • Support Disqus comments in Webhelp output
  • Google Analytics tracking in Webhelp output
  • Use admonition graphics in Webhelp output
  • Support callouts up to 30 in Webhelp output
  • Support Draft banner in Webhelp
  • Support use of security param to control conditioning of text.
  • Add section numbers to headings in Webhelp
  • Support for adding a link to the pdf when <pdfUrl> is set in the pom or <?rax pdf.url=""?> is set in the document.
  • Stop scaling images in html output
  • Fix for problem where headings appeared below banner when they were not at the top of the page (i.e. anchors for non-chunked sections).
  • Add a "Legal notice" link to bottom of the page.
  • All links now point to instead of and using target="_blank" in links.
  • Now depending on Docbkx 2.0.13.
  • Fixed problem with autowrapping in programlistings.
  • No longer output the book toc in webhelp since we already have that information in the toc pane.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes.