An R package for performing Principal Component Analysis-based Data Structure Comparisons (PCADSC)
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Development version of the R package PCADSC. The last stable version of the package can be installed from CRAN using:


To install the development version of PCADSC, run the following commands from within R:


The PCADSC methods are described in our article manuscript.

The basic functionality of the package can be inspected using the following lines of code:


#Load iris data

#Define grouping variable, grouping the observations by whether their species is
#Setosa or not
iris$group <- "setosa"
iris$group[iris$Species != "setosa"] <- "non-setosa"

#Make a PCADSC object, splitting the data by "group"
irisPCADSC <-PCADSC(iris, "group", var=setdiff(names(iris), c("group", "Species")),
                    doCE = TRUE, doAngle = TRUE, doChroma = TRUE)
#Make a cumulative eigenvalue (CE) plot

#Make an angle plot 

#Make a chroma plot

Our current to-do list for the package is posted below. If you have any further suggestions for added functionality, or have a bug to report, please open an issue and let us know.

To do

  • Make print() methods for pcaRes, CEInfo, angleInfo, chromaInfo and PCASDC objects
  • Make summary() methods for pcaRes, CEInfo, angleInfo, chromaInfo and PCASDC object