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The topics for this guide are taken directly from

When studying for the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam, I recommend that you go through this guide daily until you are very comfortable going through the material.

The files in this guide are:

Basic Chef Fluency Study Guide

  • This is meant to study the concepts outlined in the scope PDF by Chef.

Basic Chef Fluency Kata

  • This is an exercise guide meant for daily use. This guide is most effective for those that are not currently using Chef in their daily practice or are just starting in Chef. It will give you a comfort with Chef enough for navigating the topics of the exam.

Basic Chef Fluency Kata Cheat Sheet

  • This is used in conjunction with the Basic Chef Fluency Kata. If you are uncertain about how to carry out an exercise, then you can consult the cheat sheet.


Do you see any errors or ways in which this guide can be improved? Please submit a pull request or issue!

Other Good Resources

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