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Local Cookbook Development

You can expect this 2 part exam to be tougher than the Basic Chef Fluency badge. It will be heavily focused on Test Kitchen, InSpec, and just basically creating cookbooks.

If you're rusty, I suggest going through the kata in the Basic Chef Fluency study guide.

Otherwise, study up on the concepts listed in the guide.

Notes from Exam's Lab

  • How to install 'IIS-WebServerRole' Windows Feature
  • How to install Windows Registry Keys (recursive true)
  • How to create a file with content and create the recursive directories

Notes about my Exam experience

  • There was not a visible timer, so you have to chat with the proctor to ask how much time is left, which wastes time.
  • If your internet connection is interrupted (mine was 6 times), they will give you the lost time, however, this is not ideal, because it makes you frantic and you can't go to the bathroom.
  • You may not use the restroom or else you forfeit the remainder of your time.
  • The setup may take a while since they have to scan your room and workspace, so plan accordingly.
  • The language of the questions is unnecessarily complicated. I had to reread some of them over and over only to find out it was a simple question with very confusing wording.
  • The Windows lab will require that you make 10 InSpec tests pass with the recipe. The requirements are very Windows specific (see above for examples).