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Transliteration training and decoding with sample Urdu data

1. If using a mac, update SRILM call in train_helper (comment out line 72, uncomment line 73)
If using CLSP or COE clusters, do nothing.

2. Set JOSHUA, SRILM, and JAVA_HOME environment variables appropriately (or use my pointers at the top of train_helper and test_helper for coe machines)

3. To train a system, create directory with a file containing a "train" file and a "dev" file with transliteration pairs, then run (pointing to training directory):
./ demo_data/urdu
Example directory is demo_data/urdu (note that these example train and dev files already have beginning of word and end of word symbols appended)

4. To decode a test set, run:
./ demo_data/urdu/urdu_test demo_data/urdu
First arg: test file (list of single words to decode)
Second arg: pointer to same directory given in training step, above

Output in demo_data/urdu/urdu_test.answer
For this example, references are given in demo_data/urdu/urdu_test.ref for comparison

5. Evaluate your output:
python demo_data/urdu/urdu_test.answer demo_data/urdu/urdu_test.ref
This simple evaluation script reports the number and percent of perfect transliterations, the average edit distance, and the average normalized (normalized by the length of the reference) edit distance


Using your own data

train/dev data:
To use your own, just need to create directory with a train and dev file. Script to append beginning and word and end of word symbols: (run: python inputTrain)

language model data:
Two English language model files are included in demo_data/lm 
One is taken from Wikipedia person-page titles and the other from NE-labeled Gigaword corpus, and each includes relative frequency counts.

train your own LM:
Can use other LM, just change pointer in (and script for adding beginning of word and end of word symbols in demo_data/lm)
to build from monolingual corpus:
cd demo_data/lm
python my-input-text
Change LM pointer to my-input-text.wordModel


Using Wikipedia data:
See wikipedia_data/README


Substitute transliterations into Joshua MT output

To find OOVs in Joshua MT output:

After generating transliterations for all OOV words, create a dictionary file (oov word - tab - transliterated word), and substitute them into the Joshua output:
python tab-separated-oov-dictionary translation-output-file


If you use this system, please cite the following:


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