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A host status dashboard in Django
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Host/IP address pool monitoring daemon and visualization.


The idea is to monitor used/unused pool of IP addresses. If the address becomes used, it will be recorded. The tool will list hosts and their DNS names and record changes.


The following tools are required.

  • Foreman (only for starting processes)
  • sqlite3 (for development database)

Additionally some Python libs need to be installed with pip into a virtualenv environment.


$ mkvirtualenv vahti --no-site-packages
$ workon vahti
(vahti) $ cdvirtualenv 
(vahti) $ echo "export" > bin/postactivate
(vahti) $ echo "unset DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE" > bin/postdeactivate
# Reload virtualenv hooks
(vahti) $ workon vahti

(vahti) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
(vahti) $ ./ pinghosts --loop &
(vahti) $ ./ runserver &    

For live deployments, use of supervisord is recommended.

For production, set the environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE and create vahti/conf/private.json with content:

    "ADMIN_EMAIL": [
        "foo <>"
    "SECRET_KEY": "generate a secret random key here"

Vahti screenshot

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