@annulen annulen released this Aug 18, 2016 · 803 commits to qtwebkit-stable since this release

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Restored Web APIs to improve feature parity with QtWebKit 5.7:

  • NPAPI and Qt plugins (for now, only on Windows and X11).
  • <object> and <embed> elements with image data.
  • download attribute on links.
  • Fixed <progress> element.
  • Web SQL Database support was accidentally left disabled in previous releases, this is fixed now.

New WebAPIs

  • DOM Level 4 events constructors.
  • -webkit-initial-letter CSS property.
  • Initial support for CSS system fonts shorthands (for now, all of them use font of QGuiApplication).

Other improvements

  • Now it's possible to build static QtWebKit libraries with static Qt. To make it install properly you will need to apply patch from #277.
  • Most of patches, submitted to Qt Gerrit since Qt 5.2 were forward-ported.

Prominent bug fixes