@annulen annulen released this Feb 3, 2017 · 358 commits to qtwebkit-stable since this release

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New APIs

  • Fullscreen API is now supported
  • QWebFrame::ownerElement() allows to get QWebElement that owns child frame
  • Added focusedElementChanged signal to QWebPage

New features

  • Media player based on MediaFoundation can be optionally built on Windows instead of default QtMultimedia-based player

Restored features available in legacy QtWebKit

  • Accelerated compositing: both OpenGL and software mode, off by default for now
  • Accelerated 2D canvas
  • WebGL

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing checkboxes on macOS (QTBUG-43070)
  • Fixed painting of checkboxes and radiobuttons when their layout size is smaller or larger than size of repective controls in used QStyle theme
  • Other various bug fixes

Build system & platform support

  • MinGW is supported now
  • QtWebKit can be built as submodule of Qt now, and is successfully building in Qt CI system
  • Fixed static build on Windows
  • QtWebKit is installed into Qt prefix by default now
  • uninstall target added

IMPORTANT: Please download our source code package qtwebkit-tp5.tar.xz and NOT the automatically created GitHub packages at the bottom of the list.