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Korero (which means talk, speak, discuss in Cook Islands Maori) is the name of our Open Source Language Database Web application developed by the Cook Islands Internet Action Group.

Application Platform

The application is a LAMP Stack (Linux Apache PHP MySQL) based web application and is similiar to the one developed by the orginal project here

Basic Install Instructions

To install the application of your LAMP based web server you'll need to

  • Upload and Unzip the source file
  • Create a database for the web application
  • Edit the Configuration file

Detailed Installation Instructions

Upload zip file to your server

Create your MySQL Database

  • Create an empty database
  • Copy, Paste and Execute the SQL code in the database folder, SQL code is located here database/maoridb.sql

Edit configuration file

Edit the file manage/ewcfg10.php configuration file's details to connect to the database. For example if your database credentials are:

server: localhost

port: 3306

user: maoridb_user

password: maoridb_rocks

database: maoridb

then you would edit the manage/ewcfg10.php as follows, starting from line 45

// Database connection info
define("EW_CONN_HOST", 'localhost', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_PORT", 3306, TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_USER", 'maoridb_user', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_PASS", 'maoridb_rocks', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_DB", 'maoridb', TRUE);

Acknowlegements and Thanks

This project would not have been successfull without the contribution and support of the following individuals and Organisations Sylvia Cadena - Community Partnerships Specialist: ISIF.ASIA ( Rod Dixon - Director: USP, Cook Islands Campus Jules Maher - Former CEO: Telecom Cook Islands

Project Team

Maureen Hilyard - Former PICISOC Chairman Nga Teinangaro - Teaching and Learning Resource Co-ordinator Violet Tisam - Community Engagement


Open Source Language Database by the [Cook Islands Maori Database Project](






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