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qvm-file-trust - manage and view file or folder trust levels


qvm-file-trust [option] path [path ..]


qvm-file-trust can check and modify the trust level of files and folders. A folder is considered untrusted if its path lies in either the global untrusted folders list (/etc/qubes/always-open-in-dispvm.list) or the local list (~/.config/qubes/always-open-in-dispvm.list).

A file is considered trusted unless:

  1. It sits under an untrusted folder's path
  2. It has a 'user.qubes.untrusted' extended file attribute
  3. It sits in a file path that has the phrase 'untrusted' in it. This phrase can be configured in /etc/qubes/always-open-in-dispvm.phrase

A '-' character can be placed in front of a path in the local list to override a path listed in the global list. Note: This will NOT explicitly mark a folder as trusted.


-h, --help Display the help text.
-c, --check Display the trust level of the file or folder. This is the default action.
-C, --check-multiple
 Returns 1 if at least one path is untrusted.
-D, --check-multiple-all-untrusted
 Check trust for multiple paths. Returns 1 if and only if ALL paths are untrusted.
-u, --untrusted
 Mark the file or folder as untrusted.
-t, --trusted Mark the file or folder as trusted.
-q, --quiet Execute the command silently. Useful for scripts.
-p, --printfolders
 Print all folders on the system that are considered untrusted.


Check the trust level of a file:
qvm-file-trust [--check] ./leaked-document.pdf
Mark a file as untrusted:
qvm-file-trust --untrusted ./leaked-document.pdf
Mark multiple items as trusted at once:
qvm-file-trust --trusted ~/files/ ./recipes.txt


0 No errors. File or folder is trusted

1 No errors. File or folder is untrusted

64 Improper arguments provided

65 Issue reading/setting extended file attributes

72 Unable to read from/write to a file, such as global or local rule lists

77 Unable to unlock/chmod file, or no permissions


Andrew Morgan <andrew at amorgan xyz>