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#My @todos: the 'UEG' scheme

In my @todo's, I (intend to) use the following scheme:

@todo:(Urgency Easiness Gracefulness)

For example: @todo:(3 5 7)

The larger the number, the more of Urgency, Easiness and Gracefulness this @todo has!

This scheme, has a thorough benefit

  • You just follow larger numbers, from left to right (usually)! *.

Think about it! Who wouldn't like to solve a (9 9 9), right now! ?

Sometimes, you can adjust and pick larger second (an easy one), even if there are more urgent things. Because perhaps you're bored and its too early in the morning and you need to warm up... And perhaps its a kinda Gracefull thing!

Actually, their product is also a very intreresting indicator to follow...

So, Pick your 3 numba's, and start to-be-do-ing :-)

You just remember UEG, and you're way there!

In detail, U D G means:

Urgent: """
  ### Current/temporal importance: does this need to be done now?

  Is it preventing us from having reliable execution in the following term ?
  Is it a burdain to other things ?

  The higher, the more urgent. eg:
  '1': 'It can wait and wait. Its probably just cosmetic. '
  '5': 'This should be fixed, cause its kinda ugly...'
  '9': 'This must be fixed now! It breaks eveything else, always. \
        We can't even continue working until this is solved... \
        Should not even exist in a 0.1prepreviewalpha!'

Easy: """
  ### Not all problems are solved as easy!

  Some some are 5 days, some are 5 minutes.
  *__Note__: Dont take days, minutes, or moan-months literally. Just adjust to your scale.*

  The larger the number, the more *easy* is it to implement: eg:
  '1': 'This is very hard - it seems like it can not be done with the current knowledge/team/formation.'
  '5': 'In needs some thought & design, but it can start pretty easily...'
  '9': 'Its a fiver, a no brainer. \
        Any intelligent monkey can do it... \
        Go on, kill it!'

Grace : """
  ### Its the future importance, the Utlimate Grace!

  Not all solutions, to all problems ware worth the same.
  Some are just rudimentary work you just need, some take you higher.

  The larger the number, the more Grace you 'll (sometime in the future) get. eg:
  '1': 'Its a trivial necessity - everybody has tens.'
  '5': 'Its kinda nice, elegant, it works ok. But nothing we aint seen before...'
  '9': 'The mother of all inventions. \
        You re either gonna be Bill Gates or Linus Trovalds... \
        Or something!'

Numbers should be 0..9. But improvise... When you have to!