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PYTHON3 = python3
PYTHON2 = python2.6
JAVA = java
REVISION := $(shell git rev-parse --short HEAD)
all: validate-html buildtoc clean init minimize-html minimize-js minimize-css combine-js build-sitemap substitute-minimized-scripts-and-css remove-unused-css-selectors add-revision-number-to-manifests set-file-permissions
{ for f in *.html; do python3 util/ "$$f" > /dev/null || exit 1; done }
${PYTHON3} util/
rm -rf build
init: clean
mkdir build
mkdir build/fonts-original
cp robots.txt .htaccess *.css *.ico build/
cp -R j build/
cp -R i build/
cp -R f build/
cp -R s build/
cp -R examples build/
cp fonts-original/*.tar.gz build/fonts-original/
minimize-html: init
{ for f in *.html; do python3 util/ "$$f" build/"$$f" || exit 1; done }
sed -i -e "s|;</script>|</script>|g" build/*.html
minimize-js: init
${JAVA} -jar util/compiler.jar -js build/j/dih5.js > build/j/dih5.min.js
${JAVA} -jar util/compiler.jar -js build/j/canvastext-fx3.js > build/j/canvastext-fx3.min.js
minimize-css: init
sed -i -e "s|url(i/|url(//|g" build/screen.css
java -jar util/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar build/screen.css > build/${REVISION}.css
java -jar util/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar build/mobile.css > build/m-${REVISION}.css
sed -i -e "s|;}|}|g" -e "s|\"|'|g" build/${REVISION}.css
sed -i -e "s|;}|}|g" -e "s|\"|'|g" build/m-${REVISION}.css
combine-js: minimize-js
cat build/j/legal.js build/j/jquery.min.js build/j/modernizr.min.js build/j/canvastext-fx3.min.js build/j/dih5.min.js > build/j/${REVISION}.js
cat build/j/legal.js build/j/gears_init.min.js build/j/geo.min.js > build/j/${REVISION}-maps.js
build-sitemap: minimize-html
ls build/*.html | sed -e "s|build/||g" -e "s|/index.html|/|g" > build/sitemap.txt
substitute-minimized-scripts-and-css: minimize-html minimize-js minimize-css combine-js
sed -i -e "s|<script src=j/jquery.js></script>||g" \
-e "s|<script src=j/modernizr.js></script>||g" \
-e "s|<script src=j/gears_init.js></script>||g" \
-e "s|<script src=j/geo.js>|<script src=j/${REVISION}-maps.js>|g" \
-e "s|<script src=j/canvastext-fx3.js></script>||g" \
-e "s|<script src=j/dih5.js>|<script src=j/${REVISION}.js>|g" \
-e "s|<link rel=stylesheet href=screen.css>|<style>$(shell cat build/${REVISION}.css)</style>|g" \
-e "s|<link rel=stylesheet media='only screen and (max-device-width: 480px)' href=mobile.css>|<style>@media screen and (max-device-width:480px){$(shell cat build/m-${REVISION}.css)}</style>|g" \
-e "s|</style><style>||g" \
-e "s|</style>|</style>$(shell cat j/ga.js)|1" \
-e "s|=http:|=|g" \
-e "s|href=index.html|href=/|g" \
remove-unused-css-selectors: substitute-minimized-scripts-and-css
{ for f in build/*.html; do ${PYTHON2} util/ "$$f" || exit 1; done }
add-revision-number-to-manifests: init
sed -i -e "s|# revision|# revision ${REVISION}|g" build/examples/offline/clock.manifest
sed -i -e "s|# revision|# revision ${REVISION}|g" build/examples/offline/halma.manifest
set-file-permissions: init
chmod 644 build/*.html build/*.txt build/*.ico build/examples/* build/examples/.htaccess build/j/* build/j/.htaccess build/i/* build/i/.htaccess build/f/* build/f/.htaccess build/.htaccess build/fonts-original/*.tar.gz build/s/*
chmod 755 build/examples build/j build/i build/f build/fonts-original build/examples/offline build/examples/history build/examples/history/gallery build/s
chmod 644 build/examples/offline/* build/examples/offline/.htaccess build/examples/history/*.html build/examples/history/*.css build/examples/history/*.js build/examples/history/gallery/*
live: all
rsync -essh -a --exclude="*.mp4" --exclude="*.ogv" --exclude="*.webm" build/i/* build/i/.htaccess
rsync -essh -a build/i/*.mp4 build/i/*.ogv build/i/*.webm build/i/.htaccess
rsync -essh -a build/j/${REVISION}*.js build/j/html5.js build/j/excanvas.min.js build/j/jquery.js build/j/.htaccess
rsync -essh -a build/f/*.ttf build/f/*.eot build/f/*.woff build/f/*.svg build/f/.htaccess
rsync -essh -a build/examples build/*.txt build/*.ico build/*.html build/.htaccess build/fonts-original build/s