My first attempt at writing a C++ based graphics demo
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demo fun 🕹

This is my first take at writing demo code or any C++ graphics. Spawned into existence during the 2018 revision party 👯‍

All commits are automatically compiled to ASM.js code and can be viewed from the respective GitLab artifact. Just follow the green ✔ next to the commit on GitHub.

A list of noteworthy (lol) commits:

 Description  Preview  ASM  Commit
Perlin & rotating planets changing scene  web (broken colors) 3d2a99d6
 Colored rotating spheres arount a lightsource    web  33260db8
 Rotating spots over living Perlin noise    web  d9f9646
 Bugged moving Perlin noise that ends up looking like flames  n/a  f638eaa


make build && make run


For ease of development the following commands will automatically build ASM.js output every time sources change and serve them to a web browser.

# build automatically if .cpp or .h files change using emscripten
make autobuild
# start up a live-reload server (npm i -g live-server)
make serve

Compile to Javascript

Install emscripten

brew install emscripten

Make sure that the main loop is handled by emscripten and not automatically started in main()

  #ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
    // 0 fps means to use requestAnimationFrame; non-0 means to use setTimeout.
    emscripten_set_main_loop(loop, 0, 1);
    while (!quit) {
# build html (and js)
em++ *.cpp -o out.html -s USE_SDL=2 --shell-file shell_minimal.html

# run stuff
open out.html


Code is licensed under MIT