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a fork-friendly repo for your personal devradar
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devradar static

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This is a template repository you can use to create your own devradar instance hosted on GitHub pages. It serves a devradar.toml file from a static webserver. Follow the setup instructions to get your devradar working in a few minutes. The content in this repositories gh-pages branch is generated using the static config in the devradar main repository.

Visit for more background on the devradar

Setup instructions

  1. Fork this repository, see GitHub guide for help
  2. Rename the repository to devradar
  3. Add your own skills
    1. go to and configure your devradar, see devradar help
    2. customize the title metadata, see devradar help
    3. download your devradar file from Settings -> Download as TOML
    4. upload your devradar file as devradar.toml into the gh-pages branch (replace existing file)
  4. Set up GitHub Pages deployment from gh-pages branch, see GitHub guide for instructions
  5. Configure a custom domain if you have one
  6. Check your devradar at https://<githubname>

License & Attributions

The original sourcecode for the devradar is licensed by Copyright 2019 by Andreas Offenhaeuser. For a full list of all included open source software and their licenses see the DISCLAIMER @ gh-pages file that is updated with each new version of the editor. Below you find a link to the FOSSA open source report for the devradar codebase.

FOSSA Status

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