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(OSC documentation for Millumin V1 is available here)

OSC is a communication protocol that works over the network. It is easy-to-read and very versatile.
Millumin uses OSC messages to receive orders : for TouchOSC layouts, or to create an application that collaborates with Millumin. It also sends messages (see feedback section). Creating an OSC message is simple, please refer to the Developer-Kit to get examples in many technologies.

In brief, an OSC message has 2 parts : the /address and the [arguments].
Example to set the opacity to 75%, of the layer named "test" :

/millumin/test/opacity [0.75]


This protocol is supported by several application on computers or mobile devices.
For example, on TouchOSC : see this tutorial
Here is a direct link to download the templates for TouchOSC



You can launch or stop a specific column :

  • /millumin/action/launchOrStopColumn [index or "name"]
  • /millumin/action/launchColumn [index or "name"]
  • /millumin/action/stopColumn

For example :

  • /millumin/action/launchColumn [11] to launch the 11th column
  • /millumin/action/launchColumn ["test"] to launch the column named "test"

To launch the previous or next column :

  • /millumin/action/launchPreviousColumn
  • /millumin/action/launchNextColumn

To play/pause the timeline that you are editing :

  • /millumin/action/playTimeline
  • /millumin/action/pauseTimeline
  • /millumin/action/playOrPauseTimeline
  • /millumin/action/goToTimelineSegment ["name"]

To select a board :

  • /millumin/action/selectBoard [index or "name"]

To select an element :

  • /millumin/action/selectLayer [index or "name"]
  • /millumin/action/selectLight [index or "name"]

To enter/exit fullscreen :

  • /millumin/action/enterFullscreen
  • /millumin/action/exitFullscreen

To open/save a project :

  • /millumin/action/openProject ["/path/to/my/project.millumin"]
  • /millumin/action/saveProject
  • /millumin/action/saveProject ["/path/to/my/project.millumin"]

You can quit Millumin via :

  • /millumin/action/quit

To send a 'ping', so Millumin returns multiple OSC messages, that describe the state for all the layers :

  • /millumin/ping

Managing Elements

To manage an element (layer, light, ...), your OSC address must identify it. You have different alternative, depending on how you manage your elements :

  • /millumin/myElementName/... to target the element named "myElementName"
  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/... to target the layer named "myLayerName"
  • /millumin/light:myLightName/... to target the light named "myLightName"
  • /millumin/index:99/... to target the element at index 99 (see Preferences to display the indexes)
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/... to target the selected layer in the interface (in orange)
  • /millumin/selectedLight/... to target the selected light in the interface (in orange)

OSC messages are case insensitive ("selectedLayer" is the same as "selectedlayer")

Here are the properties that can be used for layers :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/opacity [0.75] to update opacity at 75%
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/position/xy [12,21] to move at [12,21] (short form is /selectedLayer/xy)
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/position/x [12] to move on X at 12px (short form is /selectedLayer/x)
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/position/y [21] to move on Y at 21px (short form is /selectedLayer/y)
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/rotation [90] to rotate at 90°
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/scale [0.5] to scale at 50%

To move mapping corners :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topLeft [12,21] to move corner at [12,21]
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topLeft/x [12] to move corner on X at 12px
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topLeft/y [21] to move corner on Y at 21px
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topRight [12,21]
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/bottomRight [12,21]
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/bottomLeft [12,21]

To change an effect parameter (the effect is identified by its index) :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/effect1/red [0.1] to change 'red' parameter of first effect
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/effect3/blue [0.1] to change 'blue' parameter of third effect

To change the intensity of a light :

  • /millumin/selectedLight/intensity [0.8] to update intensity at 80%

To work relatively (add a number to a value), use the suffix /+ or /- :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/position/x/+ [10] to make a subtle move on X by 10px
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/scale/- [0.01] to lower the scale of 1%

To select a layer through a property-mecanism :

  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/selected [1] to select layer named "myLayerName"
  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/selected [0] to deselect layer named "myLayerName"

Managing media

Media can be targeted directly by their name, or by identifying the layer first :

  • /millumin/Movie.mov/... to target the media named "Movie.mov"
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/... to target current media of selected layer

Here are the properties that can be used with movies :

  • /millumin/Movie.mov/time [10] to move playhead at 10 seconds
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/time [10] to move playhead at 10 seconds
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/normalizedTime [0.5] to move playhead in the middle of the movie
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/speed [0.5] to change speed to 50%

To update Quartz patch inputs :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/myQuartzInput [0.5] to update Quartz input named "myQuartzInput" to 0.5

To start/pause/stop a media :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startMedia to restart current media
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startMedia [7] to start media at 7th column
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startMedia ["Movie.mov"] to start media named "Movie.mov"
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/pauseMedia to pause current media
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startOrPauseMedia to start/pause current media
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/stopMedia to stop current media


Millumin sends OSC messages, so third-party application can catch them. Be sure it is activated : open the Device manager (CMD+K), then select the "OSC" tab, and check that feedback is switched on in "Millumin API".

When a column is launched/stopped, Millumin sends :

  • /millumin/board/launchedColumn [index,"name"] (last argument is absent if column has no name)
  • /millumin/board/stoppedColumn [index,"name"] (last argument is absent if the column has no name)

When a media is started/paused/stopped, Millumin sends :

  • /millumin/layer:myLayer/mediaStarted [index,"name",duration] (last argument is absent if media has no duration)
  • /millumin/index:99/mediaStarted [index,"name",duration] (last argument is absent if media has no duration)
  • /millumin/layer:myLayer/mediaPaused [index,"name"]
  • /millumin/index:99/mediaPaused [index,"name"]
  • /millumin/layer:myLayer/mediaStopped [index,"name"]
  • /millumin/index:99/mediaStopped [index,"name"]

Following properties are tracked : opacity, xy, rotation, scale, mapping/topLeft, mapping/topRight, mapping/bottomRight, mapping/bottomLeft, intensity So when a property is updated, Millumin sends :

  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/opacity [0.8] to notify that opacity was updated to 80%
  • /millumin/index:99/... [value]
  • /millumin/light:myLightName/intensity [0.5] to notify that intensity was updated to 50%

Specifically for media :

  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/time [value,duration]
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/normalizedTime[value]`
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/speed[value]`

When selection is changed, Millumin sends :

  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/selected to notify that layer named "myLayerName" was selected
  • /millumin/light:myLightName/selected to notify that light named "myLightName" was selected
  • /millumin/index:99/selected to notify that element at index 99 was selected

Via the suffix /?, you can ask Millumin to send you feeback about a specific property :

  • /millumin/myElementName/opacity/? to ask about opacity for the element named "myElementName"
  • /layer:myLayerName/position/? to ask about position for the layer named "myLayerName"
  • /light:myLightName/intensity/? to ask about rotation for the light named "myLightName"
  • /index:99/scale/? to ask about scale for the element at index 99
  • /selectedLayer/mapping/topLeft/? to ask about top-left corner for the selected layer
  • /selectedLight/intensity/? to ask about intensity for the selected light


Addresses :

  • /millumin/action/launchOrStopColumn
  • /millumin/action/launchColumn
  • /millumin/action/stopColumn
  • /millumin/action/launchPrevColumn
  • /millumin/action/launchNextColumn
  • /millumin/action/playTimeline
  • /millumin/action/pauseTimeline
  • /millumin/action/playOrPauseTimeline
  • /millumin/action/goToTimelineSegment
  • /millumin/action/selectBoard
  • /millumin/action/selectLayer
  • /millumin/action/selectLight
  • /millumin/action/enterFullscreen
  • /millumin/action/exitFullscreen
  • /millumin/action/openProject
  • /millumin/action/saveProject
  • /millumin/action/quit
  • /millumin/ping
  • /millumin/myElementName/opacity
  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/position
  • /millumin/light:myLightName/intensity
  • /millumin/index:99/rotation
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/scale
  • /millumin/selectedLight/intensity
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topLeft
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/topRight
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/bottomRight
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mapping/bottomLeft
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/effect1/myParameterName
  • /millumin/layer:myLayerName/selected
  • /millumin/MyMedia.mov/time
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/time
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/normalizedTime
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/speed
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/media/myQuartzInput
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startMedia
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/pauseMedia
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/startOrPauseMedia
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/stopMedia
  • /millumin/board/columnLaunched
  • /millumin/board/columnStopped
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mediaStarted
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mediaPaused
  • /millumin/selectedLayer/mediaStopped

Suffixes :

  • /+
  • /?

Discontinued addresses (available in Millumin V1) :

  • /millumin/layer/...
  • /millumin/layer/addX
  • /millumin/layer/addY
  • /millumin/layer/mapPoint
  • /millumin/layer/mapPointAddX
  • /millumin/layer/mapPointAddY
  • /millumin/layer/media
  • /millumin/layer/media/text/prevLine
  • /millumin/layer/media/text/nextLine
  • /millumin/layer/media/quartz/param1
  • /millumin/layer/select
  • /millumin/layer/currentMediaDuration
  • /millumin/action/launchOrStopColumnWithName
  • /millumin/action/composition/start
  • /millumin/action/composition/stop
  • /millumin/action/composition/startOrStop
  • /millumin/action/fullscreen
  • /millumin/action/stopAll
  • /millumin/action/selectLayerWithName
  • /millumin/action/fadeToBlack
  • /millumin/composition/cue
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