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Anon Aadhaar

Anon Aadhaar card lite

Anon Aadhaar is a protocol that let users anonymously prove their Aadhaar identity, in a very fast and simple way. The core of the procotocol is the circuits, but we also provide a SDK to let any app use our protocol.

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Explore our SDK in action by visiting our example website and repository, where you can see how it's implemented in a real-world scenario. Get inspired and learn how to integrate it into your own projects!


Contributions are always welcome!

Please check the PR template


Install rust and nodejs v18, openssl(Usually installed in macOS and Linux) and qpdf.


Install nodejs dependencies.


Install circom and download powers of tau file.

yarn dev-install:circuit

Generate verification key and proving key.

NOTE:This action use for development only. Don't use it in product, please!

yarn dev-setup:circuit

Run test

yarn test:libraries

Generate a proof. This action will create a proof and its public scheme in proofs/ in packages/circuits/build folder.

yarn proof:circuit

Our Community

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