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Ks Game Launcher

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What is this?

This is an application to start the BEMANI for Konaste (コナステ) with one click.

Please check this document for details such as operation and functions.

Development Environment

OS: Microsoft® Windows™ 10 or later

Required runtime: Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8


  • Docker

How can I build this

You can build on your machine with Microsoft® Visual Studio or MSBuild


We are using some NuGet libraries.

You need to run the following command to install from NuGet.

nuget restore KsGameLauncher.sln

For debugging

A part of features will be download the data from the server. To simulate this, we have included a Docker image configuration file for the simple web.

Build image

docker compose build

Create a container, and start

docker compose up -d

Server will start on port 8080 Connect to http://localhost:8080

appinfo.json will be put on http://localhost:8080/conf/appinfo.json.

Stop the container

docker compose stop

Remove the container

docker compose down


If it overlaps with an existing port, change it with services.web.ports in docker-compose.yml.

Process flow

Start up

  flowchart TD;
      A([Start]) --> B{Is appinfo.json already exists?};
      B -- Yes --> E;
      B -- No  --> C[Get appinfo.json file from the server];
      C ----> D{Can I get and save it to disk?};
      D -- Yes --> E[list games in context menu];
      D -- No  --> F[No content in context menu];
      E --> G([Finish startup]);
      F --> G([Finish startup]);

Launch the game

  flowchart TD;
      subgraph Normal flow;
        A([Choose the game]) --> B{Is the user account already set up?};
        B -- Yes --> C[Load account information];
        B -- No  --> D([Display dialog notifying 'Account settings required']);
        C --> E{Check login session\n Already login ?};
        E -- Yes --> F;
        E -- No  --> AA([Go to login flow])
        F[Send request to launche the game] --> G[Load the game launch page];
        G -- Parse page --> H[Find 'Launch the game' button];
        H --> I[Get custom URI for launch the game from the button];
        I --> J[Find installed game path from registry];
        J --> K[Run launcher.exe with custom URI parameters];
        K --> L([Finish]);
      X([After login]) --> F;

Login flow

  flowchart TD;
      Start([Login flow]) --> LoginScreen[Send request to login screen];
      LoginScreen --> ReqOTP{Required OTP ?};
      ReqOTP -- Yes --> OTP{{Display OTP dialog}};
      ReqOTP -- No  --> SendLogin[Send request with credentials];
      OTP -- Input OTP --> SendLogin[Send request with credentials];
      OTP -- Cancel --> Cancel1([Cancel process]);
      SendLogin --> IsSuccess1{Succeed login ?};
      IsSuccess1 -- Yes --> 2FARes{Require 2FA ?};
      IsSuccess1 -- No  --> LoginFail;
      2FARes -- Yes --> 2FA{{Display 2FA input dialog}};
      2FARes -- No  --> Continue([Go to launch process]);
      2FA -- Input 2FA --> IsSuccess2{Succeed login ?};
      2FA -- Cancel --> Cancel2([Cancel process]);
      IsSuccess2 -- Yes --> Continue([Continue launching process]);
      IsSuccess2 -- No  --> LoginFail;
      LoginFail([Display dialog 'Failed to login']);


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