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Flightly Documentation



Data package

This contains all the data models associated with fetching the schedule data

DI package

This contains dagger setup for dependency injection within the app. The AppModule class contains all app wide dependencies. The AuthInterceptor class manages token generation for the endpoints. The BuilderModule class registers fragments that are eligible for dependency injection. The NetworkModule setup all the required dependency for making network requests.

The ViewModelFactory class takes a runtime generated map as parameter that contains the providers for all viewModels registered in the ViewModelsModule class. The ViewModelFactoryModule is responsible for providing the ViewModelFactory.

Extensions package

This contains custom extension functions for classes within the codebase

Request package

This contains all the Retrofit request interfaces within the codebase

UI package

This contains all user interface related code. Model-View-ViewModel is used here.

Utils package

This contains utility classes such as the BindingUtils class. This class is a bindable adapter responsible for populating recycler views with data.

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