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Releases: anonl/nvlist


07 Apr 17:29
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  • fix: File permissions were broken for Linux/Mac builds when building on a file system which doesn't support permissions (e.g. NTFS on Windows)

v4.9.5: Merge pull request #64 from anonl/fix-dist2

06 Apr 21:27
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  • fix: When building a Mac application bundle, the .nvl was placed in the wrong folder causing it to not be found.

v4.9.4: Merge pull request #63 from anonl/mac-dist

06 Apr 19:09
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  • fix: After loading, no preference change events were generated anymore. This caused the settings screen to no longer function. Also, if you changed the text speed since saving, the loaded file would still use the old text speed instead of the new text speed.
  • fix: Lua tables with userdata keys could become corrupted after loading due to changing hash codes of the key objects.
  • fix: Mac OS distribution was broken since v4.9.3


01 Apr 19:15
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  • fix: If the click indicator was already visible, waitClick would accidentally hide it.
  • fix: Store textbox drawable alpha in textoff() to account for items with variable visibility (side-images, etc.)


31 Mar 20:59
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  • fix: When calling Save.load the Lua thread continued executing for one frame before actually loading.
  • fix: imgtween/crossFadeTween didn't animate properly when the end texture was nil.
  • fix: Text drawables didn't take their color tint (including alpha) into account.


08 Mar 21:44
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  • fix: Enabling auto read didn't cancel the current waitClick() (if any).


02 Mar 20:53
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  • Added the ability to change the text speed using the built-in settings screen.
  • When debug mode is enabled, (debug) is now added to the window's title. This makes it easier to spot if debug mode is enabled/disabled.
  • Added auto read mode which causes text to advance automatically after a short delay. Use the autoRead() script function to enable.


19 Feb 21:18
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  • fix: Gradle plugin portal was missing from build-tools/build.gradle causing "Could not resolve all artifacts" errors.


16 Feb 22:07
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  • Restart hotkey changed to Ctrl+F5 to prevent accidental restarts when debugging (F5 is 'Resume' in the debugger).
  • Improved preloader performance. It can now preload images loaded from a background thread.
  • Added the space bar to the default 'textContinue' keys (see input-config.json).
  • Rendering code now logs warnings when images unexpectedly can't be rendered. This makes it a bit easier to detect/investigate texture (un)loading bugs.
  • NVList version number is now logged during startup.
  • The OSD (activated by pressing F7 in debug mode) now shows an estimate of the native memory use. If this value becomes very large and keeps increasing, you probably have a memory leak somewhere.
  • fix: In the default settings screen, the + button didn't disable when already as max volume. Same goes for the - button and min volume.
  • fix: The default textlog didn't perform word-wrapping.
  • fix: Memory leak in font loader. Unused fonts would never be unloaded.
  • fix: Memory leak after using the restart() function. This could also cause the OSD text to become corrupted.


29 Sep 19:37
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  • Changed the default italic font to be less slanted (it was a little extreme).
  • Preloader analytics gathered during development are now included in the distribution (save/analytics.bin). Without this file, the preloader does very little.
  • fix: When idle for a long time, currently playing music could be unloaded (causing it to stop playing)