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StarLine lovelace card for Home Assistant
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Lovelace StarLine card

Special card for Home Assistant StarLine integration

White example Dark example


Use HACS to install this module.

Manual installation

  1. Download the starline-card.js from the latest release and store it in your configuration/www folder.
  2. Configure Lovelace to load the card:
  - url: /local/starline-card.js?v=1
    type: module

Available configuration options:

Key Required Type Description
title False string The heading to display. Don't set to hide header
dark False bool Dark mode
controls False list List of used controls (select 3 from arm, ign, horn, webasto, out)
entities True map Map of used entities (see below)
entities.alarm True string Alarm binary_sensor entity_id
entities.balance True string Balance sensor entity_id
entities.battery True string Battery sensor entity_id
entities.ctemp True string Interior temperature sensor entity_id
entities.door True string Doors state binary_sensor entity_id
entities.engine True string Engine switch entity_id
entities.etemp True string Engine temperature sensor entity_id
entities.gsm_lvl True string GSM signal level sensor entity_id
entities.hbrake True string Hand brake binary_sensor entity_id
entities.hood True string Hood binary_sensor entity_id
entities.horn True string Horn switch entity_id
entities.location True string Location device_tracker entity_id
entities.out True string Additional channel switch entity_id True string Security lock entity_id
entities.trunk True string Trunk binary_sensor entity_id
entities.webasto True string Heater switch entity_id

Example configuration

type: 'custom:starline-card'
title: Audi
dark: true
  - ign
  - arm
  - webasto
  alarm: binary_sensor.audi_alarm
  balance: sensor.audi_balance
  battery: sensor.audi_battery
  ctemp: sensor.audi_interior_temperature
  door: binary_sensor.audi_doors
  engine: switch.audi_engine
  etemp: sensor.audi_engine_temperature
  gsm_lvl: sensor.audi_gsm_signal
  hbrake: binary_sensor.audi_hand_brake
  hood: binary_sensor.audi_hood
  horn: switch.audi_horn
  location: device_tracker.audi_location
  out: switch.audi_additional_channel
  security: lock.audi_security
  trunk: binary_sensor.audi_trunk
  webasto: switch.audi_webasto

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