Arduino Quadruped Robot, Spider Robot
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#Arduino Quadruped Robot

Arduino Quadruped Robot the project delivered from upstream project RegisHsu's spider robot. This project has been redesigned in 3d printed parts eg: didn't glue servo holder with tibia and fumer, resize body to fit 12300 LIPO battery. You don't need to make a bluetooth remote control anymore but you can control robot using Android App Bluetooth Joystick instead, get app from Google PlayStore.

New command mode (see source code for detail)

  • Test mode - test robot movement in bluetooth command
  • Sonar mode - wave your hand in front of ultrasonic sensor to wake up robot
  • Free walk mode - walk and avoid obstacle in 20cm like robot vacuum

##Bill of Materials

###3D printed parts

  • Top Body x 1
  • Bottom Body x 2
  • Femur x 4
  • Coxa Left x 2
  • Coxa Right x 2
  • Left Tibia x 2
  • Right Tibia x 2
  • Electronic plate x 1

###Electronic parts

  • Arduino Nano x 1
  • Arduino Nano expansion board x 1 (optional)
  • Tower Micro Servo 9G x 12
  • Switch x 1
  • UBEC 5V 3A or Reguletor 5V 3A
  • LIPO Battery 7V/12V 3A (3A play for 1hr)
  • Prototype PCB Board 6x8 cm
  • LED x 1
  • DC Socket 2.5mm x 1
  • Pin header
  • Female Pin Header
  • M3 25mm screw x 4
  • M3 10mm screw x 4ผ
  • M2 10mm screw x 4


Assembly the printed parts for 4 legs with servos, don't screw servo axis at this time, then assembly legs with body.

Assemply electronic parts (schematic'll add later)

  • Servo pulse pin connect to Arduino Nano pin D2-D13
  • Servo VCC and GND connect to regulator output
  • Bluetooth HC-05 Vcc to to Arduino Nano 5V pin, GND, RX-TX and TX-RX
  • Arduino Nano, Vin and GND connect to regulator output 5v
  • Use dc jack connect with LIPO battery
  • Connect battery to input of regulator for stepdown output to 5v

Group servo wire use order Fumer, Tibia, Coxa, connect servos to arduino pin for each leg

  • Lelf Front connect to pin D2-D4
  • Lelf Back connect to pin D5-D7
  • Right Front connect to pin D8-D10
  • Right Back connect to pin D11-D13

Flash leg_init.ino script to initial servo angle then screw tight all servo axis, leg position like picture.

Flash spider_robot.ino to Arduino, Finish.

##How to play

Clone joystick app build and install or get app from Google PlayStore to your mobile phone, open app, swipe and choose connect menu, choose robot bluetooth to connect.

Use setting menu to config button or choose QRCode Scanner to scan QRCode below for automatic config.

Now you can play your robot. see robot in action at