Downloads photographs from Picasa web albums by giving the url of the album.
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#Program Name: Picasa Downloader
#Author: Anoop Jacob Thomas<>
#License: GPLv3 or later

This little python script will download the photographs from the
picasa web album. It uses the rss feed information and downloads the
photograph. It doesn't require login or authentication. The user may
enter either the album url or the album feed path.

The script will ask the user to enter the album url, just copy and
paste it from the web-browser. Use CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in case of
gnome-terminal. And once that is entered it will ask you to enter the
name of the directory/folder to which the images are to be
downloaded. Note that a new directory of the name you provide will be
created in the current working directory.

I don't wish to install Picasa application on my GNU/Linux box and
wanted a way to download all the images listed in an album rather than
downloading it one by one. Hence I thought of this simple script.