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Anope Version 1.9.8
A Ability to configure fantasy commands in the config
A Add SVSJOIN and SVSPART commands
F Fix "leave" channel log level from not logging
F Fix users able to "resend" their registration mail with registration set to admin only
F Fix build on OpenBSD
F Fix not logging debug logs to the logfile when debug mode is enabled
F Fix defcon timeout timer
F Fix crash in os_forbid with expiring entries
F Fix several issues with db_sql_live
Anope Version 1.9.7
A Added ability for using regex as patterns for various commands
A Extended ability of operserv/akill to also match against nick and realname
A Added chanserv:require configuration option
A Added nickserv:unregistered_notice and nickserv:registration configuration option
A Added options:casemap configuration option
A Added a web panel
A db_sql_live now allows all tables to be "live", not just a select few
Anope Version 1.9.6
A Added ability to configure emails sent by services
A Added chanserv/up and chanserv/down
A Added m_proxyscan
A Added more configurability for what vhosts are valid
A Added chanserv/log
A Added ability to configure ChanServ privileges
A Added a new database format
A Added SQLite support
A Added more verbose messages on startup
A Added ability for chanserv/suspend and nickserv/suspend to take an expiry time
A Added no nickname ownership config option
A Added m_rewrite
A Added akill IDs
F Fixed crash in clearusers
F Fixed crash in /os oper info
F Fixed eventfd Config check to work properly on OpenVZ
Anope Version 1.9.5
A Extended LDAP support
A Added os_oper, os_kill, os_forbid, m_statusupdate, cs_sync, and bs_autoassign
A Added a new configuration file format
A Added a new commands system
A Added a new access system, and cs_flags
F Fixed not logging debug logs to file
F Fixed the mail delay time
F Fixed sending account data for unconfirmed nicks
F Fixed poll() engine build on FreeBSD
F Fixed really large HELP replies being truncated
F Fixed sometimes appending !*@* to valid hosts on access lists
F Fixed m_ssl sometimes failing connecting for no reason
F Fixed crash in cs_entrymsg
F Fixed setting -P on channels with only a botserv bot in it
F Fixed modemanager complaining about prefixless modes on InspIRCd
Anope Version 1.9.4
A Automatically set channel founder to the user with the highest access if there is no successor
A /chanserv clone command to copy settings from one channel to another.
A /chanserv mode command
A Ability for users to delete their own access in channels
A Added support for Plexus 3
A Readded in support for /cs op/deop/etc to op/deop you in all channels
A Added LDAP support
A Added live SQL support
A Added support for learning tracking/storing/locking all modes at runtime
A Added m_alias
A Added support for XMLRPC queries
A Added /botserv set msg
A Added /operserv config
A Added /ns cert
A Added /operserv login
F Changed the GHOST command to not allow ghosting unidentified users if the RECOVER command exists
F Some failed logic in /operserv exception that prevents proper exceptions from being added
F Fixed the anope_os_sxlines MySQL table and code to work after restarting
Anope Version 1.9.3
A Added italics BotServ kicks support
A Tell users when their nicks expire in /ns glist and /ns info
A Added SSL support
A Prevent negaitve mode changes, kicks, bans, and autokicks from affecting people with the 'god' user mode (On UnrealIRCd, usermode +q)
A Added nickserv/auxpex permission
A Added nickserv ungroup command
A Renamed the SGLINE to be SNLINE
A Added /chanserv saset command
A Added threads for mail sending
A Added m_dnsbl and an asynchronous DNS system
A Added a new language system that uses gettext
A Added m_mysql which uses threads to execute queries
A Added many subcommand modules for some commands, eg ns_set_autoop, ns_set_email, etc
A Added a new logging system that is a bit more flexible
A Added cs_set_misc and ns_set_misc to add miscellaneous set commands
A Added os_modreload, which allows reloading some modules not normally unloable, like the protocol module
A Added FOUNDER access level
A Made OperServ, Global, MemoServ, and ChanServ optional
F Shutting down if a config reload fails
F Autoid to live through restarts on Unreal
F Storing vhosts in MySQL
F Not flushing the anope_extra table before rewriting databaes
F Anoperc start/stop to send the globaloncycle global, and fixed anoperc rehash to really rehash
F Fixed a potential crash if HostServ or BotServ was disbled
Anope Version 1.9.2
A K alias to chanserv kick command
A KB alias to chanserv ban command
A The ability to register empty nonregistered channels
A Flatfile plaintext databases and removed old binary ones
A Added in live updating SQL and the ability to execute commands through SQL (see docs/MYSQL)
A Added support for many more modes into Anope and the ability to have generic support for modes unknown to Anope
A Added a mode stacker to combine many mode changes into fewer
A Added in the CS SET PERSIST command which can be used to keep service bots in channels even when the channel is empty
A Added ns_resetpass module to the core
A CS ACCESS VIEW which shows who added the access and last time used
A Last used time to CS AKICK VIEW
A Added a sha_256 encryption module
A Added the ability to load multiple encryption modules, and the ability to seamlessly convert your database between diferent encryptions
A Added configuration options to allow Anope to reconnect if it disconnects from the uplink instead of dieing
A Added support for linking with IPv6
F Unban command to accept an optional nick arg
F Some typos in services.conf
F Crash when users change their host that are identified to a group, but not a nick
F Host length checking in HS SET(ALL) and HS REQUEST
F Only show if a user is online in NS INFO if they are really identiifed for the group of the nick they are on
F Crash when using BSSmartJoin
F Converting access entries to access from xop when a users access is below voice
F A bad pointer passed to the OnDelEvent which could cause some 3rd party modules to crash
F CS FORBID allows to you forbid unregistered channels
F The -nothird command line option to work
F ms_rsend to really work
F SQUITing juped servers on InspIRCd1.2+
Anope Version 1.9.1
F Don't enforce akick/forbidden/etc.-restrictions on clients on ulined servers.
F Remove modules_unload_all fini + hack that goes with it.
F Signal handling cleanup.
A Seamless fantasy support on all ChanServ commands, instead of requiring bs_fantasy_*.
F Allow fantasy to be disabled on some commands (e.g. FORBID).
F Some commands (e.g. !help) need to strip the pre-provided channelname from them.
D HelpServ removed
F Command parser cleanup: mod_current_buffer removed and replaced with proper parser. Commands now indicate how they want the buffer split.
F Make NS ENFORCE/RELEASE stuff more sane, redo timers.
A Opertypes (similar to InspIRCd's opertypes)
Provided by Ankit <> - 2009
F Segfault on shutdown
Provided by Adam <> - 2009
F NickServ registration is sometimes denied.
F Applied patch from Adam to fix some potential screwups
F More fixes to bs_bot from Adam, plus an extra fix within DoAdd not covered in Adam's patch.
F Fix bs_bot to use the correct parameters, patch from Adam.
F Fix for bug #1004, based from second half of patch from Adam.
F Partial patch by Adam, commenting fix for #1006 for future reference.
F Forward-port r1946: Patch by Adam fixing #1006 (originally caused by #922): modes set by ChanServ are reversed. Thanks!
Provided by DukePyrolator <> - 2009
F Patch converting all match calls to new method, thanks!
F Add 'w' and 'y' support to dotime(), also prevent an overflow.
F Allow NS STATUS from unregistered users, thanks DP!
F Wild pointers do not a happy Anope make. Thanks DP :)
F Allow NS REGISTER to unregistered nicks, silly oversight. Thanks DP! :)
F Fix call order, thanks to DP
F Pass the right array to do_umode(), fixes mode tracking on Unreal. Thanks to DukePyrolator (yet again :P)
F Fix bs_set help, thanks to DukePyrolator! :)
F Fix two segfaults, noted by DukePyrolator. Thanks!
F Fix part one of #1010, reported by DukePyrolator. (Language settings are not respected in message sending.) Thanks!
F Memory leak on +beI modes.
Provided by Liber <> - 2009
F Support operoverride and such things (stop reversing changes from nonopped people where unnecessary)
Anope Version 1.9.0
F Modified compile to use g++
F Improve protocol modules support (classes, virtual methods, etc)
F Move core services to use BotInfo
F Move BotInfo and related methods into a class
F Move modules into a class
F Fixed ns resending of passcode issue
F Modules now delete themselves
F additional field where users' masked host can be stored so both masked IP and vhost are available instead of just one.
F No struct Uid, ugly, and, unnecessary that we store UID in BotInfo.
F Prevent deletion of core services via /bs bot
F Module subsystem cleanup ('modules' branch)
F Move modules to use classes somewhat (AnopeInit, AnopeFini)
F Change MODULE_INIT to return a pointer
F Remove duplicate module creation.. have loadModule return a pointer rather than creating one
F Remove buffered loading/unloading, this makes os_modunload perm, but who cares
F Remove 'delayed' loading, this is necessary because of before/after connected to ircd (ircd is before, rest after), I'm sure this can be done better.
A Remove old config, replace with insp-inspired (albeit bind format) config (CBX)
F Clean up protocol modules a bit
A InspIRCd 1.2 support
F Remove old (prior to 1.8.0) db compat
F Establish a proper base for services pseudoclients
F Add ss_main StatServ Hal9000 to play with :)
F Burn automake with fire (CBX)
Provided by mooncup <> - 2009
F Automatically reapply vhost on hs off for unreal.
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