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Merge pull request #233 from genius3000/2.0+typofix

Fix typo in CS enforce help reply.
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Adam- committed Jan 22, 2019
2 parents 18522f7 + d6af21e commit 2546e865e275dac373d466ce8cf3b7b931d51b13
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  1. +1 −1 modules/commands/cs_enforce.cpp
@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ class CommandCSEnforce : public Command
"\002BANS\002, or \002LIMIT\002.\n"
" \n"
"Use \002SECUREOPS\002 to enforce the SECUREOPS option, even if it is not\n"
"enabled. Use \002RESTRICTED\002 to enfore the RESTRICTED option, also\n"
"enabled. Use \002RESTRICTED\002 to enforce the RESTRICTED option, also\n"
"if it's not enabled. Use \002REGONLY\002 to kick all unregistered users\n"
"from the channel. Use \002SSLONLY\002 to kick all users not using a secure\n"
"connection from the channel. \002BANS\002 will enforce bans on the channel by\n"

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