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Merge pull request #239 from SaberUK/2.0+set

Fix missing braces in cs_set.
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Adam- committed Mar 5, 2019
2 parents a4c37a3 + eb66f9e commit e1e840a87db19d587e36bc86bbda2c464c02e1fc
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  1. +2 −0 modules/commands/cs_set.cpp
@@ -1024,11 +1024,13 @@ class CommandCSSetSuccessor : public Command
"channel will be dropped."));
unsigned max_reg = Config->GetModule("chanserv")->Get<unsigned>("maxregistered");
if (max_reg)
source.Reply(" ");
source.Reply(_("Note, however, if the successor already has too many\n"
"channels registered (%d), they will not be able to\n"
"become the new founder and it will be as if the\n"
"channel had no successor set."), max_reg);
return true;

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