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Python 3 project for building MIDI files.
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Lost Art

"Lost Art" is a wrapper for a Python project called "MIDIUtil." (So, you'll need to install MIDIUtil through Pip for this to work.)

This is a script that helps writing MIDI files (which I consider to be a lost art-- I loved MIDI files when they were popular).

These classes use Python 3.x, and I don't think they're compatible with Python 2.7.

There are some example scripts in the root directory that use this. is an original tune of mine. You can listen to it on this YouTube video. demonstrates the ability to change from a major key to a harmonic minor key easily. It can be heard here. Available keys are major, natural minor, harmonic minor, hexatonic blues, and heptatonic blues.

In a future version, I hope to be able to add swing tempos, but I might need to learn a little more music theory to get into the knitty-gritty of the math involved.

(Remember that MIDIs aren't like mp3s-- The files will likely sound different on your machine.)

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