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Lost Art

"Lost Art" is a wrapper for a Python project called "MIDIUtil." (So, you'll need to install MIDIUtil through Pip for this to work.)

This is a script that helps writing MIDI files (which I consider to be a lost art-- I loved MIDI files when they were popular). It handles a lot of the music theory and some of the more tedious parts of making a midi file.

These classes use Python 3.x, and I don't think they're compatible with Python 2.7.

There are some example scripts in the root directory that use this. (I'll be honest-- It's kind of a mess.)

Apart from the midi files that you can listen to in the Output directory, music is posted on my soundcloud page.

(Remember that MIDIs aren't like mp3s-- The files will likely sound different on your machine.)


Python 3 project for building MIDI files.



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