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" New version: Every space at the beginning of a line is an indent level.
" Useful for docblocks.
set foldmethod=expr
set foldexpr=ModifiedIndent(v:lnum)
set foldlevel=99
" foldignorearray defines patterns to determines what lines to ignore when
" assigning it a fold level. If any of these patterns are found anywhere on the
" line, it's assigned the fold level of the line that's above it.
" This makes it similar to foldignore, but not the same. For one, it's an array
" that matches patterns instead of single characters. Secondly, it doesn't need
" to be at the beginning of the line. It's not necessary to make that
" requirement since it's pattern-matching.
" foldignorearray can be modified by the user on-the-fly, but it's probably
" easier to just go ahead and modify this file instead.
" I vascillate on which I like better.
let foldignorearray = ['^_','^\(\s\+\)\?$','^\(\s\+\)\?\/\/']
"let foldignorearray = ['^_','^\(\s\+\)\?$']
function! ModifiedIndent(lnum)
let $line = getline(a:lnum)
for $regex in g:foldignorearray
if match($line,$regex)!=-1
return ModifiedIndent(a:lnum+1)
return ModifiedIndentLevel(a:lnum)
function! ModifiedIndentLevel(lnum)
if a:lnum>line('$')||a:lnum<1
return 0
return float2nr(ceil(str2float(indent(a:lnum))/str2float(&shiftwidth)))
" Here is a previous version of the inside of the conditional. It made the folds
" look better, but significantly slowed down loading time for each file, so I
" decided it wasn't a good idea.
" Even so, I thought it would be best to put in the comments in case I decide
" later to improve it.
" let prevIndent = ModifiedIndent(a:lnum-1)
" let nextIndent = ModifiedIndent(a:lnum+1)
" if prevIndent>nextIndent
" return prevIndent
" else
" return nextIndent
" endif