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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Personal todo files
" Maintainer: Andrew Norman <>
if exists("b:current_syntax")
" This isn't an actual language, so syntax case is irrelevant.
syn case ignore
" Create regex matches for types of lines.
syn match todoTitle /^\(.*\|\):\(\s\|\)\+$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoTodo /^\(\s\|\)\+>.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoDone /^\(\s\|\)\++.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoWait /^\(\s\|\)\+\.\.\..*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoInformation /^\(\s\|\)\+\*.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoInformation /^\(\s\|\)\+\(\d\+\|\d\)\..*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoCanceled /^\(\s\|\)\+-.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoQuestion /^\(\s\|\)\+?.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
syn match todoImportant /^\(\s\|\)\+!.*$/ contains=todoInlineCode
" Create keywords
" syn keyword todoCommentTodo TODO
" Regions
" Commenting out all of below. I never use them.
"syn match todoHideMe /`/
syn region todoInlineCode start='`' end='`' keepend contains=todoHideMe
"syn region todoExample start='^\(\s\+\)\?\(Ex\|Example\):$' end='^\(\s\+\)\?End\(Ex\|\(\s\+\)\?Example\)' keepend
" Create color context. (:help group-name to see legend)
highlight link todoTitle Statement
highlight link todoTodo Type
highlight link todoDone Constant
highlight link todoWait PreProc
highlight link todoInformation Comment
highlight link todoCanceled Error
highlight link todoQuestion Special
highlight link todoImportant Special
" highlight link todoCommentTodo Todo
highlight link todoInlineCode Normal
" highlight link todoHideMe Ignore
" highlight link todoExample Normal
" Subregions, i.e., putting code examples into a todo file.
" This function was yanked (with slight modification) from
" If strange behavior is noticed, it probably means that a syntax was called
" that doesn't exist! Haven't been able to fix this so far.
function! TextEnableCodeSnip(filetype,start,end) abort
let ft=toupper(a:filetype)
let group='textGroup'.ft
if exists('b:current_syntax')
let s:current_syntax=b:current_syntax
" Remove current syntax definition, as some syntax files (e.g. cpp.vim)
" do nothing if b:current_syntax is defined.
unlet b:current_syntax
let fileName = 'syntax/'.a:filetype.'.vim'
execute 'syntax include @'.group.' '.fileName
execute 'syntax region textSnip'.ft.' matchgroup=SpecialComment start="'.a:start.'" end="'.a:end.'" contains=@'.group
" Include sh
call TextEnableCodeSnip('sh','@begin=sh@','@end=sh@')
" Include PHP
" Really weird thing to note: If you don't close the ?>, it won't end the syntax.
call TextEnableCodeSnip('php', '@begin=php@', '@end=php@')
" Include JS
call TextEnableCodeSnip('javascript', '@begin=js@', '@end=js@')
" Include xml.
call TextEnableCodeSnip('xml', '@begin=xml@', '@end=xml@')
" Include JSON.
call TextEnableCodeSnip('json', '@begin=json@', '@end=json@')
" Include SQL
call TextEnableCodeSnip('sql', '@begin=sql@', '@end=sql@')
" Include CPP
call TextEnableCodeSnip('cpp', '@begin=cpp@', '@end=cpp@')
" Include C#
call TextEnableCodeSnip('cs', '@begin=cs@', '@end=cs@')
" Include Plaintext (different from others because there's no matching file.)
syntax region todoPlaintext matchgroup=SpecialComment start="@begin=plain@" end="@end=plain@"
highlight link todoPlaintext Normal
let b:current_syntax = "todo"