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##功能:根据字典批量查询域名是否可以注册 BAT check domain name regist status tool by golang. Base on RFC 945 。

The Speed test:

Total 676 Domain name to check , Run with: ./mac_speed com 2l.txt 3 and get the result as bellow real 0m9.767s

user 0m0.415s

sys 0m0.632s


 `程序名 域名后缀 data文件夹中任一字典文件名 多线程发动间隔微秒数(如io域名建议3秒,则写3000)`,
  如window下的 sg.exe com 3py.txt 3

  `application_name  DomainTld(like'com')  dict_file_name Waittime(MicronSeconds)`
  eg:  `./mac_speed com 3py.txt 3`

  Please build for your platfrom  by yourself .

###How to use on window/linux/osx: Window 用户,有2种用法: a、直接执行startWindow.bat 文件 b、用cmd进入到文件所在目录,然后输入window.exe com 3py.txt 3

Linux用户: 请从终端进入文件所在目录,然后 ./linux com 3py.txt 3

OSX 用户: 请从终端进入文件所在目录,然后 ./mac com 3py.txt 3

目前只提供mac_speed 这个编译好的文件,其他的请自行编译。所有平台都已测试通过

 current just offer the execute file base on  mac platfrom,  pls build for other platfrom with go build tools

###字典增减:可以在dict目录增加任意文本文件,一行一个字符串 Extra dict: pls CURD any file in dict folder, one string on line

###域名后缀增减:直接编辑data目录下的 Extra tld: pls modiy in tld folder