A set of Python classes implementing OpenRTB 2.2 and OpenRTB Mobile specifications


This package contains classes mirroring the OpenRTB 2.2 and OpenRTB Mobile 1.0 protocol schemas.

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  • All classes have a deserialize method that creates the appropiate objects from a Python dict (e.g. decoded from JSON).
  • All objects have a serialize method that serializes the object back to a Python dict.


Contains the BidRequest class and the bid request subobject classes:

  • Impression
  • Banner
  • Video
  • Site
  • App
  • Publisher
  • Device
  • User
  • Geo
  • Content
  • Data
  • Segment
  • Producer


Contains the BidResponse class and the bid response subobject classes, SeatBid and Bid.


Contains the OpenRTB Mobile BidRequest classes and its subobjects:

  • Impression
  • Device
  • User
  • Site
  • App
  • Restrictions
  • Regulations
  • PMP
  • Deal

Also contains the OpenRTB20Adapter class that can be used to deserialize an OpenRTB Mobile bid request into OpenRTB 2.0 objects.


Contains the substitution function that performs substitution macro replacement in a string.

  • substitution(BidRequest, BidResponse, auction_price, string_with_macros) -> string with expanded macros


Contains enum-like wrappers around the integer constants used in bid requests (see chapter 6 of the OpenRTB 2.0 spec):

  • AuctionType
  • BannerType
  • CreativeAttribute
  • CompanionType
  • AdPosition
  • ConnectionType
  • ExpandableDirection
  • ContentContext
  • ContentDeliveryMethod
  • LocationType
  • DeviceType
  • APIFramework
  • VideoLinearity
  • VideoProtocol
  • VideoPlaybackMethod
  • VideoQuality
  • QAGMediaRating
  • NoBidReason


Contains the IAB’s contextual category taxonomy:

  • CATEGORIES — a list of (category_name, list_of_subcategories) tuples