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Firenomics is a place to find and share awesome extensions.

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Firenomics has many potential parts.

It is all about extensions, browsers and users

For a person, having a list of the extensions they have allows:

  1) a widget that has "my extensions" you can embed on your site

  2) an easy way to re-install all your extensions when you move

Once I have a bunch of peoples lists I can start doing:

  3) recommendation of other extensions based on similar users

As an extension author I would like:

  4) demographics about my users: operating systems, browser editions,
     other installed extensions

  5) more fine grained information about usage of my extension
     (instead of "daily users" which provides,
     provide event based reporting)

  6) exception reporting with system information to help determine
     conflicts and rates of incidence.


GPL v2

Style is based on which is licensed under GPL v2
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