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psuedo s3 protocol for mozilla browsers
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S3:// is a "psuedo protocol" for Amazon's S3 service.

Interact with S3 in the same way you do with HTTP, through your URL bar.


** 0.1 release [1/4]
  - [ ] fix copyright/contributors info
  - [ ] s3 logo
  - [ ] help/about section
  - [X] allow mixed case bucket names s3://


** s3://twitter_production/profile_background_images/1001042/ -- cannot click the contained thing
** s3://twitter_production/profile_background_images/ -- css breaks (the background stops) about 2/3 down
** s3://what/ -- acts weird
** setup credentials only works once due to blockUI


** right click -> "Save As" is broken
** exception/feedback tool
** setting ACL for a bucket
** recursive deletion of a folder
** setting ACL on a key
** have a progress meter for uploads
** Tools -> Page Info should have accurate information (s3 specific?)
** cache the key listing info at the channel layer
** support logging
** right click handler for copy url/torrent
** create time limited url for key
** support renaming/copying keys
** deal with undetected mime-types (ask user?)
** linkify key directories/paths (ala initial designs for awesome bar)
** a good date format on key list
** support adding people to buckets via email addresses
** specify if bucket should be created in US or Europe
** transfer over SSL?
** Handle uploading of folders via DND
** emulate "create folder" system that others use?
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