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Sass mixin for creating custom ico-font listings
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Sass Icon Font mixins

This is a simple Bower package for creating a custom CSS listing of icon fonts in your project.


Simply run the following within your project:

$ bower install sass-icon-fonts

application.scss file

Add the following (example) to your primary application Sass manifest file. Make sure that you set the correct relative path from your Sass files your bower_components directory.

@import "../bower_components/sass-icon-fonts/_ico-font.scss";

This library includes a font-face mixin. If this mixin is not needed in your project, simply include the ico-font mixin with the correct relative path to your Sass files:

@import "../bower_components/sass-icon-fonts/mixins/_ico-fonts.scss";

icon-font configurations (_config.scss)

Options include to set default font-family name and right margin.

$icon_font_alpha: 'ico-fonts';
$default_ico_margin: true; // false will remove default margin

Set your variables for the icon fonts you have in your ico-font library, an example would be:

$stack: '\e600';
$home: '\e601';
$image: '\e602';
$images: '\e603';
$camera: '\e604';
$location: '\e605';

Add @font-face to your Sass

Using all the default configurations, you can simply add:

@include font-face();

The font-face mixin take the following arguments:

@mixin font-face([$font_family], [$font-file], [$font_weight], [$font_style], [$webfont_directory])

Set alternate defaults in the _config.scss file or pass new values into the mixin with use:

$webfont_font_family: 'ico-fonts' !default;
$webfont-file: 'ico-fonts' !default;
$webfont_weight: normal !default;
$webfont_style: normal !default;
$webfont_directory: "/fonts/" !default;

Use in your Sass rules

Using this mixin is extremely simple. Simply state your selector, call the icon mixin and pass in the value as illustrated in the following example:

.image-stack {
  @include icon('\e600');

To make use of the variables set earlier in the _config.scss file, use the same process but pass in the variable:

.image-stack {
  @include icon($stack');

The mixin as a default margin-right of 0.25em. To remove this for all icon-fonts, set the default in the _config.scss:

$default_ico_margin: true;

If you only need to set this on a per-use case, the icon mixin takes a second argument, pass in true or false:

.image-stack {
  @include icon($stack', false);

See example

Play with this gist on SassMeister.

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