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Experimental: FUSE-based abstraction for networked filesystems

This library provides a wrapper around the pure rust rewrite of libfuse. It provides an internally managed inode cache that allows abstracting FS operations into operations on paths. It is designed with the assumption that the backing store is over a network, so the implementation relies heavily on caching and lazy writing to improve perceived performance.


Build Status


This was originally ripped out of the implementation of algorithmia-fuse mentioned below.

  • algorithmia-fuse - filesystem for managing data through the Algorithmia platform

If you build something with it, open a PR or file an issue to get it added here. :-)

Current caveats

I wouldn't recommend this for any production-quality filesystem today. These are some known caveats:

  • Writes persist when closing the last open handle to a file. If the close fails, it's likely the data isn't persisted.
  • The entire inode and file cache lives in RAM, so if you download a 4GB file, it will occupy 4GB of RAM until it is closed.
  • Directory listing is permanently cached, so if you change a directory's contents outside of the FS, you have to unmount and remount before those changes appear.
  • Testing while mounted has been limited to a handful of common I/O scenarios
  • General network filesystem caveats apply, e.g. some file operations may appear slow
  • Implementing readdir will hopefully be much nicer after impl Trait lands

Please file an issue or create a pull request if you run into any issue or limitation using this library.

Build, Test

To build and test:

$ cargo build
$ cargo test


The fastest way to POC a network-backed filesystem




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