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#![feature(convert, test)]
extern crate nix;
extern crate lazy_static;
extern crate libc;
extern crate num;
extern crate rustc_serialize;
extern crate serde_json;
extern crate test;
mod bencher;
extern crate cbor;
mod cbor_bench;
extern crate crc;
mod crc_bench;
extern crate csv;
mod csv_bench;
// extern crate hyper;
// mod hyper_bench;
extern crate itertools;
mod itertools_bench;
extern crate memchr;
mod memchr_bench;
// #[macro_use(s)]
// extern crate ndarray;
// mod ndarray_bench;
extern crate optional;
mod optional_bench;
extern crate permutohedron;
mod permutohedron_bench;
extern crate rand;
mod rand_bench;
extern crate regex;
extern crate regex_syntax;
mod regex_bench;
// extern crate simd;
// mod simd_bench;
extern crate suffix;
mod suffix_bench;
extern crate uuid;
mod uuid_bench;
use std::collections::BTreeMap;
use std::env::args;
// borrowing example from hwloc's repository
fn main() {
let mut cpu_set = nix::sched::CpuSet::new();
nix::sched::sched_setaffinity(0, &cpu_set).unwrap();
let mut results: BTreeMap<String, BTreeMap<String, Vec<u64>>> = BTreeMap::new();
// skip the first argument, probably the program name
let mut args = args();;
for arg in args {
let arg = arg.as_str();
let _ = match arg {
"cbor" => results.insert("cbor".to_string(), cbor_bench::run_all()),
"crc" => results.insert("crc".to_string(), crc_bench::run_all()),
"csv" => results.insert("csv".to_string(), csv_bench::run_all()),
"itertools" => results.insert("itertools".to_string(), itertools_bench::run_all()),
"memchr" => results.insert("memchr".to_string(), memchr_bench::run_all()),
"optional" => results.insert("optional".to_string(), optional_bench::run_all()),
"permutohedron" => {
results.insert("permutohedron".to_string(), permutohedron_bench::run_all())
"rand" => results.insert("rand".to_string(), rand_bench::run_all()),
"regex" => results.insert("regex".to_string(), regex_bench::run_all()),
"suffix" => results.insert("suffix".to_string(), suffix_bench::run_all()),
"uuid" => results.insert("uuid".to_string(), uuid_bench::run_all()),
_ => panic!("invalid benchmark selected: {}", arg),
println!("{}", serde_json::to_string(&results).unwrap());