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This project is designed to allow users to parse data from an Android Acquisition in an easy to examine manner

If you are looking to create an Android Acquisition from a physical or virtual device see for an automated script.

Travis-CI Status: Build Status


Chapin Bryce @chapinb Preston Miller @pmiller91



On Windows, Anaconda-2.1.0 was used to install the Pandas Library **You may need to update the SQLite DLL as seen in **

Running the framework

From the command line execute:

python /path/to/evidence/ /output/directory/


Checkout the Wiki for additional information

Currently supported artifacts as of 2015-02-12:

  • Android Browser bookmarks
  • Android Browser accounts
  • Android Browser preferences
  • Android Browser user defaults
  • Android Calendar
  • Android Chrome cookies
  • Android Chrome downloads
  • Android Chrome history
  • Android Contacts
  • Android Downloads
  • Android Emergencymode
  • Android Gallery3d files
  • Android Gallery3d picasa
  • Android Logsprovider SMS logs
  • Android Gmail accounts
  • Android Media file listing
  • Android SMS data
  • Android Message threads
  • Android Play Store account data
  • Android Play Store library
  • Android Play Store local apps
  • Android Play Store suggestions
  • Facebook Messenger contacts
  • Facebook Messenger messages
  • Facebook Messenger threads
  • Google Docs accounts
  • Google Docs collection
  • Google Talk Accounts (Hangouts)
  • Infraware Polaris contacts
  • Infraware Polaris files & shared files
  • Infraware Polaris messages
  • Kik contacts
  • Kik chat
  • Samsung GalaxyFinder contents
  • Samsung GalaxyFinder geotags
  • Skype users
  • Skype documents
  • Skype conversations & calls
  • Snapchat friends
  • Snapchat chat
  • Snapchat files
  • TeslacoilSW all apps
  • TeslacoilSW favorites
  • Valve debug
  • Valve friends
  • Valve messages
  • Venmo comments
  • Venmo friends
  • Venmo stories (transactions)
  • Vlingo contacts

Currently supported output formats:

  • CSV using | as delimiter for stability
  • XLSX


Please add requests in the issues pane of Github. As of 2015-01-12 the features to be built include:

Output formats

  • XLSX
  • HTML
  • XML


  • Android Browser
  • Android Calendar
  • Android Chrome
  • Android Contacts
  • Android Downloads
  • Android EmergencyMode
  • Android Gallery3d
  • Android Gmail
  • Android Locations
  • Android Logsprovider
  • Android Media
  • Android MMS
  • Android Telephony
  • Android Vending
  • Facebook Katana
  • Facebook Orca
  • Google Docs
  • Google Plus
  • Infraware Office (Polaris)
  • Kik
  • Samsung Galaxyfinder
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • TeslacoilSW
  • Valve Steam
  • Venmo
  • Vlingo


  • Documentation for adding custom plugins
  • Compiled executable for Windows
  • Error Handling
    • For reading input
    • For writing output
  • Unit tests